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Rockwell Galleries Paint Palettes - Rectangular Paint Palettes for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Gouache Painting and More

If you ever wanted a great way to paint and not use a paper plate, or have to have an issue where the paint will run into each other, well check out the perfect palettes by Rockwell Galleries. These are known as the Rockwell Galleries Rectangular Paint Palettes and they are all shaped perfectly in a rectangular set of 24 paint trays or palettes that allow you to separate each of the colors you are using, inside nice large smaller rectangle areas and even a 2 larger sections to mix a few together for the perfect color you want to use. Also, the two sections could be used to hold even more paint if you are working with a larger amount of one color! Each is reusable and washes clean with ease! Therefore, no more wasted material and just a wonderful giftable and perfect tray for painting with! What I love about these is that they are perfect for students in an art class and even for a home for kids or adults. This is just a wonderful and perfect way to support your creative needs! An accessory like this really is wonderful for all types of painters! No matter if it's oil, acrylic, and just about any type of paint, this will work wonders!
One thing I like to point out about the set of 24 Rectangular Palettes, is that these are well made. They don't break for falling, you can use them over and over without having them crack or shatter. This is all because they are made of strong plastic and also a bonus, these will stack up easily! They don't need to take up much space, but instead can simply take up a small area and stack one on top of another. It's a perfect product that doesn't hog any room and is so very useful! Also for those who are interested, you can even use one for makeup! It doesn't just have to be for paint but like a makeup palette to put on your eyeshadows and homemade cosmetics! Finally, these Paint Palettes are a perfect set and such a wonderful way to hold paint!

Product Information:

  • PAINT PALETTES ARE MADE OF TOUGH DURABLE PLASTIC AND STACKABLE - Long Lasting and Wear Resistant Material. Easy to clean. Being stackable makes storing and locating a lot easier and simpler.
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL LEVEL OF ARTIST AND HOBBYIST IN MIND - Palette provides seven paint color areas and two mixing areas.
  • GREAT FOR ALL OF YOUR PAINTING NEEDS - For acrylic painting, watercolor painting, oil painting, gouache painting and more. Excellent for detail and miniature work.
  • PARENTS AND TEACHERS LOVE THEM - Great for group settings where paint bottles or tubes are shared.
  • PALETTE SIZE GIVES YOU OPTIONS - Makes these palettes easy to hold in one hand or place on a table or desk. Great size for face painting as well.

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