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REIDEA Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml, Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 7 Colors LED

 I love essential oils and having them in my humidifier diffuser really helps the aroma to spread and make the room or rooms smell great! I honestly love this essential oil diffuser by 
REIDEA. It's called the REIDEA Essential Oil Diffuser and it's shaped like a tear drop or rain drop and has an opening string on the top that opens up to a large hole. This is where the mist like a stream of smoke is coming out of. This is also where the beautiful aroma of essential oils will also come out and travel throughout the room, and it works fast!
Once you set it up, fresh water from the tap and some essential oil. You will have that cooling mist that makes the room breathable during dry and hot days or any stuffy room, and the smells you can put inside is totally up to you! I love using lavender during the night hours or anytime I need to relax and possibly crochet! However, you can use so many different types and the room will quickly fill up with that smell. It really is a nicer way to keep the house smelling nice and clean, verse those chemical brand sprays. Plus, it will last longer too!
Now for the design of this REIDEA Diffuser, you have the teardrop as mentioned and with its black wood like the design it fits any household and looks a bit sleeker and modern for any room you prefer it to be in! I love the size, 400ml is a perfect size for a longer lasting amount of humidifying and less time filling it up again. Plus, the entire thing is light weight and easy to setup and control! The colors that change on this humidifier, the diffuser is very cool during the night hours and could entertain guest while you all hangout.

I honestly love the design, find it to be a great gift idea as well! Plus, the durable material keeps it from shattering. Finally, I really love having a clean smelling home. This product really helps me achieve it and just looks very nice sitting on my desk, bookshelf or any room I place it in.

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Product Information:

  • RELAXING and COOL MIST ALL NIGHT LONG! High capacity 400ml tank releases your favorite scented spa aromas for up to 12 hours.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY & SAFE TO USE! Whisper silent (Noise<20db and="" auto="" b="" cold="" diffuser="" electric="" function.="" improved="" kids="" lets="" light="" safety="" sensing="" setting="" shut-off="" shutoff="" sleep="" soundly.="" technology="" the="" ultrasonic="" water="" with="" you="">
  • FULL ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR NEEDS! 1,3 and 6-hour timer or continuous run mode. High and low mist settings for large rooms or small personal spaces.
  • ROMANTIC MOOD LIGHT: You can choose from 7 colors between two modes: steady on/changing color. Each color is adjustable between bright and dim. The soft light creates a romantic atmosphere which helps you escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.
  • NATURAL AND PRIMITIVE DESIGN: REIDEA "Healing Rose" essential oil diffuser with wood grain design infuse lovely fragrance and bring tranquilizing atmosphere to your room, perfect for relieving modern day stress and creating a comfortable and relaxed environment continuous mist time.

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