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Pinkiou Pen Shape Electric Nail Drill

The Pinkiou Pen Shape Electric Nail Drill is a tool that easily trims and smoothes out any nail, fingers or toes! The tool is pen shaped, which makes it simple for anyone to hold in their hands as they would a real pen. The bits are differently shaped to allow access around and all over the nail. The extra pieces for smoothing the top surface and the sides of the buffer barrel-shaped pieces. They actually allow you to help buff the ridged and rough areas around the nail, leaving you with smooth and naturally shiny nails. Also, it is perfect for fake nails and using before applying nail polish, that way you have a smooth surface to work with!

What I love about this tool is that it's not difficult to use and it has plenty of power to smooth out any nail, thick or thin! I feel the main benefit of a device is it's designed, because of its shape allows you to take it with you on a vacation, travel to another house or pretty much anywhere, even if it's in another room in the house. Plus, the pen style is so easy to grip on the tool and do precise work!  
How to use, pretty much plug this electric nail drill in and turn it on. The pieces easily fit on top, just remove one and put in another. However, removal and inserting the bit can be a bit tricky! You will need to press that button down to loosen the top and insert the bit into the top piece. While holding the top piece that twists, you twist it the opposite way to tighten and make sure to still be holding the button in. Afterward, you'll notice it will be nice and tight and won't be able to move or fall out, that means it's perfect and you're ready to use the tool!

The speed is actually up to you to decide. Some may require starting with a low speed, but if you get a handle of the tool it's easy to go to a higher speed when needed! I love that there is an option. Sometimes, the nails that are thin and weaker don't really need a faster speed.
So I wouldn't recommend going to the 20,000 RPM speed, but possibly start at the minimum speed of 3,000RPM and work your way to the right one. However, even at a low speed as 3,000 it really does a great job to smooth and trim the nail, plus easier to handle and control.

You really can make the nail look and appear as you like with this type of lightweight nail tool by Pinkie! It's got a lovely pink color, 6 bits to choose from, choice of speed and can be used on either fake or your real nails! Finally, I feel this is such a wonderful product and really does keep the nails looking healthy and beautiful, just like you'd get at a salon!
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Product Information:
  • The easiest Gel nail remover, Great Tool for professional manicurist or beginner
  • Modern design nail polish remover looks great in any home or salon
  • Lightweight Nail drill makes working all day easy to do
  • Features an excellent selection of sanding bits
  • Travel size for the salon professional on the go!

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