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Phungo 2 Piece Small Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove and Discount Code

I've recently been trying to find a new path of eating healthy while avoiding food that has been giving me acid reflux! It's just something I can't stand any longer. Therefore, I had to stop enjoying a few loved dishes and try to incorporate some more plant foods into my diet. So lately I've been searching for that special kitchen cutting board to help me chop up those veggies and fruits that I've been adding to all my dishes. The one I've found to be the strongest, smooth, natural, and can handle my dicing, chopping, and all other cutting techniques is the Phungo 2 Piece Small Bamboo Cutting BoardNo matter the blade or food you chop on this board, it'll never cause the knife to get dull or lose its sharp edge!

The Phungo Bamboo Cutting Board is made of real bamboo, which I do enjoy that natural look and it includes not only one, but two per purchase! Plus, checking out the awesome design, you have two smooth, durable bamboo cutting boards with a groove going around the ends of each board, about an inch in from the actual end of the board. The grooved area is perfect for capturing all those juices! No matter if it's meat, fruit and all other types of liquids, you'll definitely not need to fear any mess on the counter or germs spreading from the liquid. It's totally worth having a cutting board with juice catching grooves! It actually beats the one I use for cutting food on without, I end up cleaning up less!
Now, another benefit of this brand is that you don't only have the two to cut different types of food on each. I mean you can separate one for serving cheese and bread or chopping veggies and fruits on the other. However, this board set is actually made to attach and become a larger board for you to work on! Now that is amazing! They interlock into one larger cutting board for those huge pieces of food that need chopping. For example, the boards are able to be used to cut up small fruits, meats, and bread which can be great for a person or two. However, placing the boards together, you then get a giant board that allows you to chop into or dice up some watermelon, a turkey, a giant roast, big wheel of cheese, and so on! It's just an excellent addition to a cutting board that I've actually feel is impressive and outdoes many other boards on the market!

Finally, this set of cutting boards really is a great addition to any kitchen or even a perfect gift for that special chef in your life! These can be used separately or as one giant board, giving you that option to cut up all the different foods you want, without limitation. The bonus is that you can use them as a serving platter as they are revisable and give a nice look to any party or gathering. Of course, the final cherry that makes these wonderful is that you get two high-quality bamboo cutting boards and don't have to spend so much to get them home!
So enjoying a delicious meal, with all those wonderful cuts can now be possible and without all that mess!
Product Information:
  • Safe cutting board for food - high-quality small cutting board
  • Protect your knife - bamboo is strong and dense as hardwoods, but unlike glass or plastic cutting boards, it won't dull your kitchen knives
  • Juice groove - compact size and reversible makes for a great small cutting board, cheese board, or epicurean cutting board

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