Monday, April 17, 2017

Noahfun 3 Pcs Hanging Garment Vacuum Storage Bag for Dresses(2xLarge 1xJumbo)

Need more space in the closet, possibly in your dressers as well! Maybe you have totes full of clothing and blankets that take up too much space. Well, if you want a way to store clothing the Noahfun 3 Pcs Hanging Garment Vacuum Storage Bags could help! These bags will help eliminate the clutter and give you room to put more things in the closet or just keep them neat and spacious! However, if it's just typical bags, you need for more than clothing, the shop Noahfun has a few others for that purpose as well.

So how these bags work is by allowing you to insert the clothing into each bag. Next, flatten and close up. After all that, you take the Vacuum of choice and suck out all the air, leaving you with 
thin flat bags, which don't take up nearly as much space as they did when they weren't in the bag!

You will really enjoy the extra space and how easy it is to use. When you need the article of clothing, just open the bag and release the air. Everything that was placed inside, stays nice and wrinkle free and kept away from dust or any dirt that might cling to clothing, when not being used. It's a great way to even store in the garage or anyplace that might not be inside the home. Finally, I'd like to say that this is a wonderful product to own and a great way to make more space while keeping clothing protected through travel or storing.

Product Information:
  • The Bags Will Not Air Leak GUARANTEE!
  • -Set of 3 bags, 2 Pcs Hanging Suit Bags(90cm*67cm), 1 Pcs Hanging Garment Bags(110cm*67cm)
  • -Each Bag Can Be Reused Many Times, Each Pack In a Poly Bags
  • -Maximizes Your Closet Storage Space
  • -100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!if you don't like it, just return it

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