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Makanu Concert Ukulele with Gig Bag, Spruce with Tattoo and AQUILA Strings

I have always wanted to learn an instrument, that could be easy and yet play wonderful music to lift the spirits of pretty much anyone! When I read about Ukuleles I found that they are known as one of the easiest instruments to learn. Plus, they have the exact design of a guitar, but smaller! Naturally, the big and noticeable difference is the size is, but if you check out the strings, there are only 4. Yet, the uke still has a wonderful sound that you'd really enjoy!

So I began searching around and came upon a shop known as MakanuMusic and they sell a very large supply of Ukuleles and accessories. The one that really caught my eyes was the Makanu Tattoo Concert Ukulele with Gig Bag. It was the natural color with the beautiful tattoo body that caught my eyes. However, this is no child's toy, but a professional instrument that anyone who really wants to play or use in a band, for personal enjoyment, practice, school or for any purpose could really enjoy and use!  Plus, the beautiful tattoo design makes it a favorite of mine, since it reminds me of peace and happiness with the flowers decorating the ukulele. However, this is just one of the types you could buy, there are so many to choose from out of their shop. Also, there is the choice of concert, soprano or tenor, which allows even more of an option for those who are interested in playing the ukulele.

Now for the shape of the Makanu Ukulele, well it's very similar to a guitar, while there are others that can be bought and have a unique shape like a pineapple or possibly even square. However, the Makanu Ukulele is shaped like a guitar and because it's a concert Ukulele it is a bit larger in size. Normally, a concert would be 23 inches and because of this the fretboard is a bit more spaced out making it easier for those with larger fingers to hold down the strings while playing. It's actually a big plus for me because a soprano is a bit too close together and I tend to press down to close to the next chords while trying to play another chord. 
Another bonus of the Makanu Ukuleles, are that they come in many different sizes and are made of wood. This is another thing that really makes this instrument very attractive, the smooth natural wood shape, it's silver tuning pegs and the high-quality aquilAquilangs that won't break on you as many other cheap ukuleles. You can definitely tell that you are getting the real deal with this Makanu brand. Plus, to know that it's a true Makanu, check out the name printed on each ukulele. Also, you get a Makanu branded gig bag to keep it protected and carry it everyplace you go! 

Honestly, I think for having my first taste of playing the ukulele, this is a really great one and a terrific brand! I highly recommend this for beginners or those who have already played and looking for a high-quality instrument. The sound, the design and the quality in each string are just outstanding! Nothing is out of place and everything arrives in perfect condition!

Now, I know from just receiving mine, I am starting to understand the chords, strings and where to place my fingers and hands. I also have learned easily with a search online how to tune the strings to the right note. You really can't believe how simple it is to learn and I always was scared it would be hard to learn any instrument. However, this isn't your actual guitar, but it is similar and let me say it is so much fun to learn and so easy! Finally, with this excellent Makanu Ukulele, I am going to keep playing and practicing with my Ukulele and hopefully be able to play some songs of my own! 
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Product Information:
  • MATERIAL, High-quality AQUILA STRINGS, and enclosed silver chromatic tuning pegs.
  • BETTER RESONANCE AND SOUND.Rosewood Fretboard, Mahogany back and side make sure a better resonance and more beautiful sound.
  • EASILY TUNABLE, Tuned before shipping. Easily tuned in about one minute.Beautiful tattoo picture, exquisite workmanship, make a difference in ukes
  • INNER CONSTRUCTION AND TATTOO High-quality bone nut and saddles combined with ADVANCED EUROPEAN Design Principle.
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