Monday, April 17, 2017

Instant Tarot by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

The book, Instant Tarot is terrific! the authors Monte Faber and Amy Zerner is not the typical tarot book! It's actually very well created to help a beginner or even those who dabbled into tarot and still doesn't understand how to read them. I always had a problem remembering what each card meant, tried to read the images to make up a story. However, short term memory and so much going on in my life, I really didn't have time to study and remember each one, especially all different cards being used and their positions! Therefore, I was attracted by this book because it said it would help guide you to read cards without memorizing and that it would be easy.

So I began reading and let me say, this book doesn't lie! I think what really took the hard part about reading the cards was the different system they help introduce to you in the book.
the system that actually breaks it down. The position of each card and what it represents, since every placement of each card, has a different meaning. I actually never knew that and would have given it the same meaning depending on what the card showed. Also, you have in this book some ideal questions you can ask to get started and different layout examples to use to get the answer to your question or another's. Honestly, it's quite a book, different from many others. Especially, this book is really nicely made for beginners and those who have an interest in Tarot. 

I love the actual images and helpful guidance and tips of positioning or even questions you can ask. It's guidance really is helpful. Here is one good example I got from reading the book. If I was to pull three cards to answer a question about the effect on the mind, body or spirit, the book will show you where each would be positioned and what meaning it would really mean, not focusing on the image of the card, but the position and the card together. Finally,
 I really feel this book is helping me understand something more than I never understood before! It's really a wonderful read and an excellent guide.

Information About The Authors:
Monte Farber and Amy Zerner are the authors of 45 popular spiritual books and oracles, with more than 2,000,000 books—including Karma Cards, The Psychic Circle, and The Enchanted Tarot—in print around the world and in 14 languages. They are bloggers and conscious-content contributors to several websites and blogs. Visit them at
Amy Zerner’s exquisite fabric creations and painting exude her profound intuition and deep connection with archetypal stories. Amy and her husband, Monte Farber, have created The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber that have helped millions on their spiritual paths.

Book Information:

  • ISBN: 9781578636174
  • Book (Paperback)
  • Weiser Books
  • $18.95
  • 6x9
  • 272 pages
  • May 1, 2017

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Redwheelweiser - Instant Tarot Your Complete Guide to Reading the Cards by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

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