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Ellen Soprano Ukulele Strings 21 Inch Mahogany Professional Hawaiian Guitar Beginner Kit

A wonderful shop known as AiMi has a great selection of professional Hawaiian guitars, also known as Ukuleles. They are similar in design, like a baby guitar. However, if you ever saw or heard the sound it makes, you'll feel as if you were in Hawaii. However, this isn't just a cute looking musical instrument, but actually a great beginners instrument as well! I was able to try their smallest one the Ellen Soprano Ukulele with the height of 21inches. There is an option for the taller one and few others in their shop.

Now, if you've never played or learning to play the guitar or Ukulele, this can be a perfect starter. It's not difficult to play, why I really love it and it's so easy to handle! The size is like if you were a child 5years of age and holding it as a guitar, it would be the right size. So you pretty much will feel like it's a child's toy. It's very lightweight and so easy to handle in two hands. The strings, there are just a few, 4 to be exact. Each has their own tune and like a guitar, you can change it by the way you play it. 
What is nice about this set it that you get a case for the guitar, keeping it protected, a set of 3 beautifully colored pics, a tuner, cleaning cloth, nylon string, and a strap. There isn't anything better than a gift that has everything you need to begin on the road of playing the Ukulele! So no matter if it's for yourself or as a gift to another, this product will surely make anyone be happy!  Plus, looking at the mahogany wood, which is smooth and each string attached just perfectly, this is just a beauty!

Now, as mentioned before, this is a wonderful beginners instrument. It is known to be one of the easiest to play and lately, I've been searching for a new type of art, music! Therefore, I was so happy to have had a chance to practice with a beautiful Ukulele. I find it to be a fun way to relax and bring joy into the room. The Ellen Soprano Ukulele by AiMi is one of the best instruments I've ever used! Everything is well designed, strong strings perfectly attached and the smooth guitar style shape is easy to handle. It's really a wonderfully crafted professional Ukulele and perfect for a beginner!

Product Information:
  • Amazon's Choice for a great beginner ukulele
  • Ellen Soprano Mahogany Ukulele
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Traditional Concert Ukulele with mahogany bring you richer and brighter sound
  • Comes With Gigbag, Ukulele Strap, Tuner, Nylon String and Picks as Gifts
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