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DreamLifter Telescope Tripod for Cameras and Phone 41” 360 degree. Lightweight Aluminum Alloy, Adjustable legs, Spirit level + Carry Bag, Free Bonus: Smartphones Holder + EBOOK

I am a huge fan of photography! I love snapping photos and recording videos. However, It's always good to have the right equipment. If I had to choose one accessory that I find to be super useful, well it would be the tripod. So, I am happy to say I found a wonderful company that supplies an excellent tripod! The company is known as Dreamlifter, they have allowed me to sample their top quality tripod known as the DreamLifter Telescope Tripod. This tripod actually met my needs of being used for more than just one type of camera. Instead, you can use it for multiple types and even your phone can be held up on it as well as a camcorder.

The DreamLifter Tripod is very well designed, with the legs attached to each other with a centerpiece, makes it simple to setup and avoid them to separate and cause accidents. There is also those locks on the legs. So if you decide to extend them, which you can from the
height of 14" to 41" max, you'll be able to lock up at the chosen height and not fear again any type of accident to happen. Plus, with the little non-slip feet, there are no worries of it slipping or moving out of place on a flat surface or floor. I honestly love so far the height choice, since you now can control what is the desired level you need and even use it on a tabletop at the lowest level, 14" or go to the highest and use it outdoors and in for some portrait and landscape photos.
Now moving towards the center of the tripod, you have a fixed screw that allows for an extra extension and even further up the center, close to the top is a handle. The handle, actually allows for you to maneuver the camera around. You can tilt it anyway and go left or right, up and down till you find the position you need. It's quite handy and since the handle is large, it's very easy to grab and hold. Plus, it doesn't cause any strain or uses extra pressure to move the camera you are working with. The handle makes it so simple and is just a perfect addition! I really love that they made it large, as many tripods I've seen come with smaller ones.

Finally, the top part of this tripod is the level, perfect for maintain the right position and balance you desire. Also on top, you have the mounting piece that screws on the bottom of your camera, camcorder or adapter for the phone. It's actually the right size to fit so many types and works great with the adapter, which is included! So no matter if you want to record or take photos with a camera, camcorder or camera phone, you can do so on this tripod. There is also a rubberized piece so that the camera isn't getting scratched up, but honestly, it's there to provide even more grab support and keeps it in place. 

So far this year, the DreamLifter Telescope Tripod is one of the best I've seen and with the carry bag you get, you can travel and go any place with this tripod.  Plus, if you are done and ready to put it away, the case can be useful for storing and keeping it protected. I really am glad to have gotten a chance to try this, it's really well made! Honestly, DreamLifter thought of everything when it comes to owning a great tripod! I would highly recommend this as a gift or for those in need of a wonderful tripod for use all over! It's very well designed and has used for all devices and of course, it's not expensive, even though it feels like it should be a lot more!

Product Information:

  • TOP OF THE LINE TRIPOD – be the photographer you want and enjoy using this Tripod around the house and outdoor activities.
  • LET THEM EAT DUST – connect your equipment fast and easy adjust the height from 14”-41”, using 4 extensions per leg, weight only 0.8 pounds (360 gm)
  • TAKE THE ULTIMATE PHOTO – anywhere and everywhere with a digital camera, video cameras or your smartphone
  • YOUR FREE BONUS – a designer carry bag for traveling, storage, transport and extra space for tools and utilities. eBook - 21 pages of fabulous tips of how to take perfect pictures of landscape, family, pets and a lot more
  • 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you feel that you didn’t improve taking photos, you are welcome to contact us, and get your money back – no question asked

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