Thursday, April 20

DIY Homemade Doll Accessories - Dress, Shoes, Bracelet and Necklace

Art is something I'm really into, and my Grandma helped me learn to crochet while my Mom taught me to make jewelry. So, I decided to use what I've been taught to create clothing for this music playing doll. It's actually a gift from a friend. She gave me this doll two weeks ago. It's actually collectible as well! Very old and probably worth something if sold.
The tags and certificate are still in the original box. However, I'm just having fun creating clothing for her and possibly learn to work with a real doll to help me create clothing for selling!
I oddly want to open up a shop, selling homemade and DIY craft products and clothing for dolls and other toys. I don't know, it's something that's been on my mind for over a year and I feel now that is my goal to soon open up shop and sell
all types of clothing and colorful accessories. Here are my latest dress and shoes with accessories for the music playing doll, which I call Bella.

 Thank You
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