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BIGTEDDY 19 Jewelry Beading Making and Repair Tools Kit for Beginners and Professionals

I have recently been working with a few different creative crafts to decorate my dolls. I'm trying to build up a few ideas for opening a business of doll clothing, accessories, and other items. However, the latest accessories I've been working on to add the additional touches to my outfits is the jewelry! That is why I am so happy to have found an excellent set of tools needed for a beginner and even an expert or professional jeweler could use!

The product is known as BIGTEDDY 19 Jewelry Beading Making and Repair Tools Kit. It's an excellent set of pliers, scissors, needles, measuring tape, an awl, different types of tweezers and a few others. Unlike many I've tried or seen, this set includes more pieces in the kit and it doesn't cost you more! Plus, the quality is excellent for what you get in this set. I honestly love that it includes the two pliers and one nice strong cutter, which is perfect for when I need to work with wire of different thicknesses. There is even a pair of scissors that are perfect for fabric and sewing thread. I can use this with plenty of other crafts as well as the main purpose jewelry!
Now there is something else different with this set than most, is that these tools are designed a bit differently. A few similarities, but mainly a difference in design that actually benefits the user. I find that the three pieces, cutter, and two pliers have such nice gripping material around the handles and that they have that piece between each allowing the closing and opening to be done with ease, not much strain or pressure on the hand to use. Plus, the awl has a thick bottom, perfect for gripping well and digging a smoother and bigger hole in beads if necessary.

I've also enjoyed that the scissors are like sewing scissors. They are perfect for more than one craft and are easy to snip with their sharp blade. Lastly, another part of this set is that it includes a nice clear, see-through box that allows each tool and accessory to stay in shape, portable and safe to store. It's just a wonderful set and that extra box to hold it all is the icing on the cake! Finally,  I really love that the BIGTEDDY comes with so much and doesn't skimp on the quality. No matter if it's for beads or wire jewelry making, this works for each! So, for a nice kit for oneself or as a gift to another, this is just terrific!
  • Starter Tools - Includes some of the basics to start in making Bead Jewelry, some of the fundamental Beaders tools including Pliers, Tweezer, Cutter, Awl etc. 
  • DIY - Create your own, unique beautiful jewelry sets which suit your personal style, and save you a lot of money. 
  • Easy to Carry - it comes with a handy clear plastic box. Not zipper bag which the needles would sting your hand 
  • Bead & Wire Work - jewelry making kit include 19 tools and each one serving a different purpose for great variety and universal usage 
  • Durable - Most tools in the kit using durable materials, so it can work for a long time. 
Package Includes:
  • 3x Pliers Set - Chain Nose Pliers, Flush Cutters Pliers, Round nose Pliers (Pliers usually coated with oil, to protect it getting rusty) 
  • 1x Thread Cutter - 4"" x 1"" (105x25mm) 
  • 1x Hook - 16.5cm long, black handle 
  • 6x Needles - 0.45*4.2cm, 0.7*7.5cm, 0.45*8cm, 0.45*10cm, 0.7*12cm, 0.6*12cm. 
  • 1x Needle Threader - Can be used on sewing machine too 
  • 1x Jump Ring - Copper Made, 19*8mm 
  • 2x Tweezers - Straight & Bend, about 11.5cm long 
  • 1x Cutter - about 6cm blade 
  • 1x Awl - wooden handle, 1.5mm pin 
  • 1x Metal Caliper - Length 3-1/4"" ( 80mm), Reading: Metric & Inches 
  • 1x Measuring Ruler - 3M long 
  • Whole set come with clear plastic box, compact, easy to carry.
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