Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bianyo Artist Paint Brush Set- Art Paint Brushes, Plus Palette with Handycase

Here I have a wonderful set for those who love to paint! The product is known as the Bianyo Artist Paint Brush SetIt's got the most excellent setup of paint brushes and the additional palette for the paint, all packed in a case that becomes a holder for the brushes as well! It's a perfect gift for that artist that you may know or just for yourself! The product is made perfect with a variety of brushes and nice long size handles to get a close and precise stroke where ever needed!

Here is just a few benefits I love to point out about this set:
  • *Palette - Portable, hole to place the hand into and hold while painting, and plenty of sections for the paint.
  • *Case- Holds the brushes up, keeps everything safe, and is perfect for traveling and using anyplace.
  • *Brushes - Small brushes for precise painting, handles short for a close and more control while painting, and the different size brush heads are perfect to get the right shape and design needed.

Of course, I still think that the best part is that with many others, you don't get a painting palette for the paint, which will fit in the case. However, with Biyano, you get that and the beautiful case that holds the brushes up for you. It's the perfect portable and travel-friendly set of brushes that work for anyone, beginners or those that are advance! Finally, I love the set and the wonderful stand style case! Plus, with the palette, I just need the paint and I'm set!

Product Information:
  • VARIETY TYPES It includes 12pcs different shapes with one paint palette.-Angle, Round, Flat, Filbert, Liner, Script liner.Plus palette makes it helpful when you need to mix different paints
  • PERFECT CASE They came beautifully packaged in a case that holds them all in place and keeps them organized.It's very durable and protects the brushes well for traveling.Great for those who love to paint outdoor scenery
  • MEET ALL YOUR NEEDS Soft nylon hair with different shapes and sizes to cover any project,l ike acrylic painting paper or coloring books.Even do some face painting with kids
  • ANY SKILL LEVEL These brushes are great for professional painters and beginners and easy to clean, makes your brushes a longer life span
  • GOOD QUALITY WITH BEST PRICE 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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