Friday, April 28, 2017

ARCHEER Luxuriously Soft Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Comfortable to Sleep Neck Support Easy to Carry Portable Bag for Travelling, Aeroplanes, Car, Bus and Train

Traveling can be painful if you're sitting in the same position for hours or even trying to rest your eyes. Therefore, I am so happy to have tried this wonderful travel pillow by ARCHEER. It's known as the ARCHEER Luxuriously Soft Memory Foam Neck Pillow and is super comfortable! The design allows you to place around the back of the neck, and no matter if you lean your head to the left, right or to the back, you'll have comfort and support for your neck and head. It's just a superb way to keep your head from ending up aching after the drive and is so much easier to take with you than a regular full-size pillow!
I love that the design is made especially for supporting you while traveling. Unlike regular pillows, this is made to keep in position and avoid all that need to fluff or place it in all different ways as you move around in the chair. It also is so much easier to port around and store when not in use. I think the big thing that will be a favorite to anyone is the comfort! The pillow is made of memory foam, thick enough so you're not laying on a flat pancake! The foam supports the neck, keeping it from bending uncomfortably and is super soft! Like having that foam mattress around your neck. It's not too thick, but just right! 

There is also a travel bag which is pretty nice for holding the pillow when not in use and the tiny buttons on the pillow keep it in place. Finally, for comfort and an easy way to relax, while sitting and doesn't have to be just in a car, well this is a perfect product to own! Nothing but pure comfort and it makes for a great gift! I can even see sitting at any table in the house or outdoors, with this and not be falling asleep in the worst position ever, causing neck pain. Truly terrific and makes for a great gift!
Product Information:

  • Best possible long-distance travel U-shaped pillow; ergonomically designed to perfectly fit your neck/shoulders, alleviating neck and back pain
  • SCIENTIFIC DESIGN- The innovative design will give you utmost comfort by providing a‘Raised Neck Support' to hold your head upright and maintain proper neck alignment!
  • Made of high-quality Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam; softest touch feeling with ultimate comfort; accommodates all neck sizes. Specially designed for those who sleep on airplanes, shuttle buses, trains, or using it at home, whether on the couch or reading in bed.
  • A drawstring carry bag is supplied, allow you to take the pillow with you anywhere; the whole pillow can be machine washed and it comes out as new after air-dried naturally.
  • 40-day money back guarantee and 18-month warranty with considerate customer service.

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