Monday, March 27, 2017

Tosave - Quality DIY and Home Products at a low cost!

I have been in love with a shop that has all I need at very low prices! I never saw a place packed with fashion, office supplies, home and kitchen items, and many others online, that isn't super expensive and provides the quality you would get at any retail shop. It might take a little long to arrive, but it's so much worth it if you want to save some cash! Plus, they ship all over! Plenty of online stores only can reach a few countries, but they seem to reach more and provide you with plenty of options in items and styles to choose from!

So on my shopping trip online at, I found every little gadget I needed, as I love DIY so the tools I needed were all there and not extremely expensive! I spent around 15 dollars and got three wonderful tools for small DIY projects I have planning to create.

These little tools will come in handy for all my different craft DIYs I have planned, especially making jewelry and woodwork. The mini 6V Electric Battery Powered Cordless Screwdriver Drill Bit Tool with 11 Screws has a great amount of speed for a small and some large projects, especially DIY! It doesn't require a cord, it's wireless and uses batteries. So traveling to any place with this powerful hand tool is simple and great to reach any area with its small light to get a visual view of where I'm trying to remove or insert a screw. Plus, what really is nice about this screwdriver is that the design allows you to move in the direction needed to reach and fit tight spots. You can easily handle this tool, with its nice size handle to grip and easy reach buttons.
It actually reminds me of brand name power tool with the color and yet very simple for anyone to use. It's perfect with all the different bits to use, it will fit many screws as needed! I always get a little nervous with buying tools online, and yet this isn't something to fear! It works great, strong and powerful speed with the 4 Double A's you insert in the bottom.
Next is the 3pc Automatic Needle Threaders.They make it simple to thread a needle, which I sew often and could use to finish off designs I'm working with! Especially under 1 dollar, you get three to use with your needles. It's a perfect idea for anyone who sews and they come in handy for a quick threading of the needle. So there is less time waiting for threading the needle and more time finishing the project! I absolutely love how simple it is to attach and thread, it's just super quick!
I don't need to use water to make the tip of the thread fit through the needle. Instead, I place the needle into the little tool and the thread I'm using and instantly push down to attach and get a threaded needle every time! Just a wonderful, inexpensive gadget that can't be bought at the dollar store for the same price you get at
Finally, I bought a wonderful ruler. It's a 30cm Stainless Steel Right Measuring Rule Tool Angle Square Ruler and the steel is what I needed, not wooden. The quality is wonderful, strong and useful for more than measuring, but leveling and even crafts like cutting fabric. I found this to be a perfect DIY helper! It can give me the right angle every time and allow me to either sketch up a perfect square or cut the right squared shape without having to move the ruler around so many times. It's also a perfect length, not too short!
Plus, the strong steel, you really can tell! The weight is not super light and yet it is what you want in a stainless steel ruler. Also, the handle piece, allows you to use this as a regular ruler or as an angle or square ruler. No matter, it works great for many different home projects like hanging a picture.
So here are just a few of the items Tosave has to offer. I especially want to shop some more, it's got so many things I would be paying more for elsewhere and provides the same quality too! I love the items they have for DIY projects and even giftable items as well! So no matter if it's for a technology lover or a lady who enjoys fashion and possibly that baker and DIY person, well this site has it all and at a great low price!

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