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The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide by Danielle Sade

The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide by Danielle Sade is packed with wonderful recipes and ideas to help bring the youthful and health back to the skin! I love these books, as they always have wonderful ideas and recipes that not only work but smell great too! Each recipe inside is easy and clear to read, with the information on every oil and what properties it has towards the skin and body. I love even learning about the percentage o fat in the oils like argan and apricot kernel. I know the one I use most is Argan and many of the others inside I use plenty of times too. So having a book to help me figure out and understand what really these oils are doing, is wonderful!
What makes this book stand out from many is that there is little circles that explain tips and ways to be careful while using certain oils and pretty much alerts you. Plus, each detailed oil inside is explained and so is the many different ways that oil may be used for the body. I think most books are a bit difficult to understand but this isn't! Instead, it's very nicely designed and grabs attention to where you need to take or keep an eye at when you are working together any of the recipes. Plus, it also allows you to try to configure your own recipes, as you are told where or what the essential oil can be used for. 

Finally, I love the wonderful cleanser recipes inside! The one that sounds great and I can't wait to try to make is the Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser using my favorite oils such as tea tree oil for the face and a new one carrot root. Plus, with all these lovely scents that will fill the house up while creating just is another great experience. Of course, all of these recipes are homemade which I love and not a drop of toxic chemicals just natural strong healing essential oils. The one thing many need to learn is about carrier oils, which help with essential oils when in use if I decide to try creating my own concoction. Since they can be harmful using an essential oil alone. So if you are a beginner then this is a great idea to own! It's got you covered about combining oils and how to apply or ways to use them. I honestly love this book and even the photos inside!

Information About The Author:
Danielle Sade, BSc, CAHP is the founder of Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy and is currently the President of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists. She has over 20 years' experience in teaching and practicing complimentary health.

Book Information:

  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Robert Rose (April 1, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0778805603
  • ISBN-13: 978-0778805601

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The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide: Using the Science of Carrier and Essential Oils to Create Natural Personal Care Products
by Danielle Sade 

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