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Suduko Party for the Wii U by Lightwood Games

 I love puzzles and sudoku was a game that I would rather play instead of crosswords or word search, in those little booklets. However, what makes any game even better is when you can play it on the television or handheld console! Plus, if you can invite a few others to play with you, now you got yourself a party! Anyways, there finally is a game that is fun and allows you to verse others, which makes it even better than playing alone!  The game is called Suduko Party by Lightwood Games. Of course, if you know Lightwood Games, they do plenty of fun puzzle style games that make you work your brain, but in a fun and enjoyable way by playing games! 
Though if you really want to work that brain with some numbers and possibly challenge a friend or someone online, well this game will give you that and the ability to have non-stop fun with over 1000 puzzles! Yes, after you play a couple of times, you still wouldn't have done all the puzzles which will keep you busy for awhile! What I really enjoy is that they've made this into a party game. I mean I can play by myself, which is fun and you get that option, but when you can verse another, it's like the cherry on top! You can challenge yourself even more by trying to defeat your friends in a round of Suduko! 
Of course, the game is simple, no difference in rules but you do have more options than playing in a magazine or book. Since you can enjoy versing one another, you can also team up and work together to complete a puzzle. It's one thing that makes this fun for everyone, teamwork, and battle against one another it's your option! However, either choice is a fun way to play and if you have time to kill, why not challenge your own brain and play some Suduko Party
by yourself. 
Now, this game is actually for both Wii U and the 3DS. I was able to get a copy for the Wii U. However, either would play similar, but what I like about the Wii U is that you can play it on the big screen and it's easier to see what's going on or take it on the Wii U controller and play it like a handheld game. Plus, with either copy the graphics are wonderful and you get a full fun experience with the awesome music playing in the background. 
I honestly love the puzzles and had a blast challenging myself through a few of them. What I love to do is try to work a puzzle and see how long it takes me. You would be impressed after playing a few that you begin to get them faster, but watch out after awhile you might only end up seeing numbers where ever you go. Just kidding, but it does make your brain move and start sweating when you want to see how fast you can finish a puzzle and win! Finally, this is a wonderful puzzle game and as always Lightwood Games came out with a fun game for the entire family and friends!

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Game Information:
  • System: 3DS or WiiU eShop
  • Release Date: 16th March 2017 (North America); 23rd March 2017 (Europe/Australasia)
  • No. of Players: 1 -2 
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Rated: E for Everyone
  • Publisher & Developer:

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