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Pulla Pro Anti-scald Electric Hot Ceramic Hair Straightener

The PullaMesy Shop is filled with plenty of wonderful products and what one thing caught my eye was the Pulla Pro Anti-scald Electric Hot Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush 2.0 which is a perfect tool to straighten and style any type of hair! I mean this acts like a hair brush to massage the scalp allowing the blood to circulate, transporting the natural oils down each strand of hair, and it just feels amazing! However, it also is an iron that gives you frizz free hair, straight and healthy with a lovely shine! Of course, unlike those past irons, two plates that squeeze the hair flat while you pass it through, this one allows you to get natural straight hair that moves and is more alive than flat like a pancake. You want to look like your hair is naturally straight, well this hair tool will give you that and leave you looking like you've been to a salon and got your hair done, every day!
I honestly love the style of this brush, it's easy to handle because it's similar to a hair brush and has a nice long handle that you can easily reach all over your own hair or another's. The medium size brush head is nice to get a big section of hair done at a time, meaning less time needed to style and with the brush style comb pieces, you can easily brush out any tangles while straightening the hair from root to tip. Plus it's super simple to use, just plug it in and the big button on the back part of the brush near the handle allows you to take control of the temperature and set it for your hair type. After that, you just let it heat up and you're ready to brush your hair straight!

Now, what makes this my favorite hair tool is two nice features which many don't normally have. The first is the temperature control allows you to work with the right temperature based on the hair type, and unlike many other irons, you might have own, the brush style allows you a safe way to iron the hair. Second, no more fear of burning your head or hands if you touch the side or brush while it's on. It's so much safer and such a wonderful hair tool! These two benefits are a must have when buying an iron and this brush has that covered! There is one more thing I would like to mention, the Pulla Pro Iron heats up quickly! Therefore, you don't need to wait too long to get brushing, it quick heat up at the temperature selected by you will get you done quicker anytime you need to get out the door fast!

Finally, if you want to look polished from head to toe, have that right out of the salon look, and healthy straight no frizz hair, well the Pulla Pro by PullaMesy is the hair brush you need to try! I honestly love it and find it to be replacing my flat irons and other tools I use weekly!
Product Information:
  • THE GENERATION OF HAIR STRAIGHTENER 2.0 SAVES TIME AND MONEY: Are you still using an old-fashioned split hair straightener? Is it often burns hair or skin easily? The new generation of hair straightening brush makes straightening your hair as easily as combing it. It is safe so you will not burn your hands or scalp. You can do yourself and get professional results as you wish, and you certain will save a lot of time and money from the salon.
  • ANTI-SCALD TECHNOLOGY ASSURANCE: This hair straightening brush device features a patented FCC- and CE- certified design to prevent scalding and burning, it also features a patented ROHS certification For the customers' protection.
  • INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE SETTING: This electric hair straightening brush takes less than 60 seconds to get the right temperature thanks to expert-grade PTC ceramic heating components. 160℃(320℉)-230℃(446℉) temperature setting is provided for your convenient choice. The defaulted heating level is set at level 160℃, which is customized for natural texture hair. 230℃ heating temperature is for thick or wavy hair.
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE: Hair straightening brush allows you to straighten hair at home on your own. High-end liquid crystal display lets you control and monitor temperatures easily.

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