Thursday, March 30, 2017

Premium Metallic Marker Pens Set of 10 Colors

Finding a great marker can be hard! However, I came upon these Premium Metallic Marker Pens that would work wonders in not only coloring books, but also as lettering, scrap booking, card making, and so many other projects! They are exactly the color that you see on the cap. Each comes out with that metallic, sparkly look and gives all your decorative designs and words a little more shimmer and creative style!

I love that this set you receive comes in 10 pieces, all types of colors, and the tips are slim enough for precise detailing. Many markers are thick and not as pretty, but with this set, you get a 10 really nice colors that can be used in so many different crafts. I love the purple, the pink and oh well all of them! Each is with a nicely designed handle, which allows it to stay put and doesn't roll once placed on a desk or table.

The tips are angled to give you that direct and precise fill in or writing size you want. No matter what you use these Metallic Markers for, you'll really enjoy the color and look that appears on the paper in front of you. Finally, with a low cost and high-quality set of 10 markers, you'll really enjoy them even more!

Product Information:

  • METALLIC MARKER, Permanent Marker and Water Proof,Non-toxic  Ink
  • PREMIUM QUALITY Metallic Markers for Adult Coloring Books
  • RICH VARIETY COLOR-Set of 10 Color: Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Olive, Green, Blue, Black, Purple and Brown
  • SUPER SMOOTH APPLICATIO-Great colors, Definitely a rich metallic color
  • WIDE USAGE-Painting On Any Surface-Paper,Glass,Plastic,Pottery,Wood and more!

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