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Padgene - Woman Vibrators for Maximum Pleasure

Below, I have three NEW Padgene Vibratos. Each is all different, but they will all have that real human skin feel! They will satisfy any woman with the shape and easy to use handle design. Comfort and satisfaction are what you get with Padgene!
This Vibrator by Padgene is super powerful, with choices up to 10 speeds! You have the shape that will aim to please all those special spots, and the feel is like real human skin. The silicone is soft and flexible, but it is also easy to wash! You can feel much pleasure and be super relaxed with this designed vibrator. 
The vibrations feel so real and definitely, pleases the body as well as relaxes you too! There is
a mute feature on this pretty purple vibrator, which keeps it quiet and doesn't make such a loud amount of noise as many others, but provides top quality results every time! If it's pressure you're after, this with its variety of speed will give you an experience you won't want to miss!

Product Information:
  • Three-point stimulate simultaneously: special design bring you enjoy the stimulation at A spot, G-spot, and U-spot, let the tide not stop flow
  • 10 frequency vibration with the depth of the insert for unlimited variety and sexual experiences
  • A great G-spot exploration rod with variable speeds, it provides external and internal stimulation, several pressure points touch your sensitive position with a powerful punch, and bring you unprecedented pleasure of vaginal and clitoral stimulation
  • Mute Design: using ultra quiet motor design, vibrating noise below 50 DB, enhance your sexual experience
  • Quick charging and long-lasting usage. Waterproof, no need to stop fun when bathing
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Here is a vibrator suitable for the entire body! Why not make sex a bit more fun, with adding a little pleasure before hand! It's actually a nicely designed wand style vibrator that works to relax the body while aiming to please any woman! The style gives you the option to use for pleasure or even to use to have fun massaging the neck, feet, should and so much more! 
Plus, the feel of real human flesh with its silicone soft and washable material. You will love the non-slip pattern it makes for an easier way to grab the tool and not have it slide out of the hand. Plus, with it being rechargeable, you can take this Padgene vibrator and plug it into the computer or an external battery charger to get it powered up! No more batteries are needed or wasted on has a little bit more pleasure in one's life, and if you have an outlet adapter, that would work just as good to charge this as well!

You do have an option of 10 different speeds, so the experience is made to fit you! No more one setting or just three, but 10! Finally, the color is lovely, the design is wonderful and it's flexible design is perfect for the entire body!

Product Information:
  • Superior medical silicone and ABS, odorless, skin-friendly and safe to use
  • 10-speed adjustable vibration, allow you to experience different sexual pleasure
  • With non-slip pattern interwoven diamond, effectively stimulate your G-spot and climax journey anytime and anywhere
  • USB rechargeable, when fully charged by about 2 hours, can work about 1.5 hours or more, no need battery
  • Ergonomically designed with bendable head, intense massage and stimulation to your breast, shoulder, neck, foot, back or any other parts of your body
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The Padgene Waterproof Dual Vibrator is a rechargeable tool that can keep you coming back for more! Honestly, it has two sides that will give you a different experience, leaving you feeling great! The one side is just like a normal wand style vibrator, has that soft skin-like feeling and is super flexible to reach where it needs too. This is also including the back, neck, shoulders and other places to make feel more relaxed. The second side is shaped to aim for a few pleasure spots that can't be reached with the wand side. Its design will definitely hit a few good areas and still provides the same vibration speed as the wand.

Therefore, no matter if you use the top or bottom, each side provides the same quality massaging and vibrating effect as the other. You do have the option of not 10, but 12 speeds! So finding a personal setting is not going to be hard, with more options there is always more ways to feel pleasured, which makes it a perfect tool for all different women. The natural feeling and flexibility will allow you to enjoy the vibrations where they need to be enjoyed! Plus, the ending results will always be great!

What I really love about this Padgene Waterproof Vibrator and the others Padgene provides, is that they are rechargeable. Meaning, with a USB external battery, USB Port on the computer, or an adapter to the outlet, you can easily recharge the vibrator for continuous enjoyment! It doesn't waste batteries up and saves you in the long run. Plus, the power is strong and steady, you won't have to fear of it fading or slowing down because it runs on a rechargeable battery verse replaceable batteries. Finally, if you want a great way to pleasure yourself, multiple speeds to enjoy, and an experience with the right design well this one has it all and a bit more!

Product Information:

  • Double points vibration, built-in vibrator at both ends, double strength ensures you double enjoyment
  • Made of medical silicone with CE certificate, toxic-free, no irritation
  • Quiet multi vibrating motor, the bendable head flexes to fit your curves as you use it all over your body
  • With 12 speeds and stimulation patterns, you can find the best way to unwind
  • Waterproof design, this massager can be experienced in the bath or shower
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