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Meco Diving Headlamp 800 lumen 3 Modes Super Bright Underwater Headlamp

There are many different types of headlamps that come in handy when you are out fishing, camping, or just searching through the dark or dark areas that need a flashlight. They come in handy because they don't require you to lose a hand while searching or seeing through the night. The only thing is most of them are not meant to be soaked or wet since they are just like a flashlight. However, thanks to the company known as the Meco Diving Headlamp, you can now dive with your headlight and still be able to get a bright light on or out of the water!

I was lucky enough to try my very first one! It's a bright and easy to see green color Diving Headlamp with a strong light source of 800Lumen and the option of three different modes.
This Diving Headlamp is super bright, even without going into the water. You don't really need too many modes, but the three on this lamp is perfect for all types of uses. The one mode is low and then you have the high, perfect for very dark situations. However, the last mode is strobe, which many headlamps include and I always find it to be either a fun mode or great way to catch anyone's attention in case of an emergency. However, it's more like party mode to me!
The material of this headlamp's straps are soft and strong silicone-like strap that easily repels water and doesn't weigh your head down or feel uncomfortabe. Think of it like a rubberband or headband that stays nice and tight on the head, no falling or losing it's strong flexible support. Also, with the light on the end, when it's balanced on the head you really don't feel any weight or problem having to hold it up. The way to turn it on is with an ea y twist making it easy to reach, so you don't have to turn it on with the headlight off your head, but you can turn it on and off when it's already secured on your head.  Also, the strap on this headlight still allows you to adjust the lamp so you don't have it falling off, which you really don't want. Plus, it has a clear strap piece on top, which makes for a better support around the head and on top.

There is no recharging when it comes to this light. Instead, it takes a triple A battery or rechargeable one and allows you to travel easily without remembering to charge the lamp. Just insert the battery and you are good to go! I love that it's easy to insert and yet secure enough that water won't cause damage or any issues with the battery box or light. It does mention 30 meters of water that this lamp can go too, but for me, I use it mainly near the water or to just go in near the top, not very far under. I think of it like my watch, able to travel underwater and not have to fear of it breaking. 

Finally, this is a wonderful tool to own! It not only doesn't need an extra hand, but it also can be used for multiple situations and not just camping or outdoor activities. If you need to fix something like a car, check the basement, seek something in between a dark and small corner, detail work on small items, or possibly use it for emergencies! I honestly just love the fit, comfortable and the nifty design! I never had a full waterproof headlamp.  Therefore, I am happy to have tried this one and will be packing it with me when I go traveling and hiking this summer!

Product Information:
  • [Diving Light with your Hands Free] Diving Headlamp is Specially designed for the people who are crazy with diving, can be used for diving to underwater
  • [Magnetic Control Switch] You can control the headlamp underwater, Adjust amont the 3 modes much easier.
  • [Comfortable Experience] Built with a soft non-slip sweat-absorbent mat and a high quality soft silica gel, that would make you feel very comfortable
  • [What's in the Box?] 1x Underwater Diving Headlamp with adjustable headband 1x 3AAA battery holder 1x 18650 white battery sleeve
  • [Customer Service] 100% positive rating, Ready to respond within 24 hours and Lifetime Support Guarantee
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