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Luxury Lambo Pet Carrier Backpack by Pet Magasin

When you have a small pet, dog or cat it's always fun to have them go everywhere with you! I know when I got my Sugar, she would go with me everywhere like my baby. She is so much like a child and always needs to be near me. Therefore, I try not to leave here behind, even going on vacation! 

Therefore, I am so happy to have found a better way to have her travel with me. The product is known as the Luxury Lambo Pet Carrier Backpack and it's pretty much two products in one! This creative product is actually a carrier and kennel for cats and dogs, which comes from the company known as Pet Magasin. What I love about the design is how much space there is inside and a large zipper top to insert the pet. It's cool how it works like a kennel to hold the pet inside, while any company is over or when you need them put away when you aren't home or it can be a travel carrier, comfortable for them to travel in anyplace! I love this for traveling and use it mainly for that reason, but it does work out when I need to stick my dog in a place, while any company is over and she won't try to bite or bark at them so much!
By the way, my dog Sugar, she's a Chihuahua. I mention this because the bag is perfect for smaller dogs and cats, which she fits it perfectly! So, my dog is a perfect fit, she is small enough to fit in this backpack-style pet carrier by Pet Magasin.They have created such a strong, durable and comfortable case that goes on your back like a regular backpack! It's the neatest thing ever! 

I don't have to have my puppy not travel with me, and even if we are going for a walk, a long walk through dirt trails and the woods, she'll have a place to go if she can't walk the miles of path. That is something we do normally during the summer and it can be a bit hard to walk all that for her and her small legs. So to have a way to carry her, like with this bag is a lifesaver!
So even for traveling anywhere like car, plane, by foot, and so many other ways, this bag really holds up and lets the little doggie or kitty relax comfortably in the pet carrier, while still enjoying the scenery.

Since, you can still open the case a little for the dog or cat to peek their heads out and enjoy the view, while you travel with them! I finally want to say that this is a very well made bag! It fits my doggy and my mom's chihuahua really well. They both weigh under 8lbs and are about extra small to small in clothing size. So I had no problem getting them to fit, one at a time of course!
Product Information:

  • LAMBO IS AN INNOVATIVE NEW PET CARRIER EXCLUSIVELY FROM PET MAGASIN. A carrier that you can use as a regular carrier or a backpack carrier, and that opens up into a portable kennel.
  • AN AIRLINE-APPROVED PET CARRIER WITH A BACKPACK OPTION. The Lambo carrier conforms to the dimensions that major airlines allow for carry-on, and it can be carried by a handle or worn as a backpack.
  • A PORTABLE KENNEL. Lay the Lambo down on the floor and zip open its two side panels and the floorspace inside it is more than doubled, giving your pet some room to walk around while still being safely enclosed.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS AND CAREFUL DESIGN. The Lambo is made from premium materials, such as waterproof Oxford 1680D fabric, padded backpack straps, top-quality zippers, and panels of tough but breathable mesh.

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