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EVISTR L53 Portable Digital Voice Recorder

The EVISTR L53 Portable Digital Voice Recorder Recorder is an excellent sized device and it can do plenty for those who need help keeping a reminder from meetings, classes, doctors and many other places! You're not only getting a professional style voice recorder, but it's also an MP3 player, telephone recorder, and a perfect USB Drive. I really love that it's perfect for journalists and bloggers as well!

The EVISTR L53 Voice Recorder is designed to be easier for the user. You have a large screen to view everything being done. When it's recording, the selection chose and even the battery power left! Plus, unlike many, this device has an even larger control section. You don't have to squint to see these buttons, they are very obvious to what they do, and there isn't many to figure out. Some smaller recorders have many different buttons that do different things, but it can get confusing how many times you click one to start it up or what each does. Also, labeled clearly is the ports for all the different attachments, which you have included in the box.

This version, however, doesn't require much learning and can easily be understood in a few minutes! Well, that is just going by my experience. I thnk what I do like about this design, is the shape, almost like a regular mp3 style player. Its black color is also very nice and the LED Screen comes up with a nice orange color, which is nice in the dark or day to look at. Plus, the original style and shape are pretty awesome! Not some typical recorder, but a nicer one and a strong durable outer layer to keep you from ever breaking it too easily! 

Finally, with the device, you get a storage of 8GB so you will be able to enjoy plenty of recordings and music as needed. Of course, if you lose space or need more, just transfer to a computer and make room to record once again! 
Also, there is a microphone already on the device so you can enjoy the ease of just speaking into the device without any additional parts to attach or just use the additional external microphone that comes with the product. However, you use this Evistr Recorder, it really is a nice portable and simple to setup. It even comes with the feature to voice activate as well!  All and all, it's a pretty nice voice recorder for anyone who loves music, wants to record information to use for later from the phone or any meeting and doctor visit, or even to use as a way to journal and blog!
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Product Information:
  • VOICE RECORDER and MP3 PLAYER: EVISTR digital voice recorder built-in MP3 music player function, you could directly playback recorded sound on this gadget. it is a great gift for a journalist, a student in lecture, writer, podcast, audio blogger, anyone who need a small and clear portable voice recorder
  • RECORDING MONITORING and VOICE ACTIVATION: while recording, directly monitor your recording quality; voice-activated recording mode, set and forget it, auto recording when voice detected
  • RECORD LONGER and STORAGE MORE: 800mAh rechargeable battery electronic voice recorder, working up to 15hours a high-quality flawless recording (PCM Record 1536kpbs WAV format); 8GB storage space for you save up to 300 hours long time record file (MP3 64Kbps)
  • 2 HD MICROPHONE and DYNAMIC NOISE REDUCTION: crystal clear stereo audio recording, adjustable microphone sensitivity and denoise function, you could record voice far away up to 40ft with less noise
  • METAL BODY: handheld size digital recorder with premium metal body; NOTE: When you set it to voice activated mode, please choose AVR level Five when in a noisy place, AVR level One is very sensitive, is for studio environment using; Long Press A-B button lock/unlock buttons, never worry miss press when recording **SPECIAL OFFER** SIMPLE USER MANUAL EBOOK WILL SEND TO YOUR AMAZON EMAIL ID SHORTLY AFTER YOUR PURCHASE

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