Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dazzling with a Beaded necklace & a Simple Purple Dress

Sometimes, acting as a fashion clothing designer can be fun!
I love trying to dress up all sorts of things with creations I crochet and bead.
Today, I was interested in crocheting a simple dress, and yet add something to just make the entire outfit dazzle!
Therefore, I beaded up some pink and dark, dark purple beads 
that have a nice shape that reflects the light, giving it that
DAZZLE that I wanted to add to this dress. 
Honestly, when there is a simple dress in my closet or possibly any outfit, which doesn't
stand out. I love to add something big, bold or possibly bright
to be the focal point of the outfit. It doesn't have to be jewelry, can even be a
pair of shoes. However, it's always fun to make one outfit look different with one additional accessory! ♥

Thank You
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