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Awakening the Chakras by Kooch N. Daniels, Pieter Weltevrede and Victor Daniels

The book, Awakening the Chakras by Victor Daniels, Pieter Weltevrede and Kooch N. Daniels is an excellent beginners guide to learning about the chakras! I honestly still am learning even though I've read much about it but only know a little bit. It's strange what you miss when it's not all in or on one page to read. I found this book to be super helpful, I mean super helpful! I think it's been the easiest way to explain and understand about each part of the Chakra and what they do for you. That also includes the positive and negative qualities of each.

I know if one is off balance it messes with the entire body's focus, but when you know how to repair and keep each in balance everything about the body is in control. The authors and illustrator did a wonderful job with the images and information inside. It really is detailed and helpful for me the beginner and anyone who knows a little and wants to know more! I honestly found this book to be so well organized with each part having a section to read under. So if I wanted to learn more about a specific part of the chakra I can and get everything in that section. I'm not lost or confused. 

Finally, I really loved this book, it's been a very helpful guide and a great way to learn about the chakras from the root to the crown, it's all there! I love learning about new things in the magical world and this book is a great way to learn to heal naturally with the use of the chakras and what they benefit!

Information About The Author:
Victor Daniels received his Ph.D. in Psychology from UCLA and taught for more than 40 years at Sonoma State University. He is the coauthor with Kooch Daniels of Matrix Meditations and other books. Kooch N. Daniels has a master’s degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University. The Daniels studied for more than two decades with spiritual teacher Harish Johari as well as with Sri Amritanandamayi. They live in Bodega, California. Pieter Weltevrede is a painter recognized as the artistic protegé of tantric scholar and artist Harish Johari, his teacher for more than 20 years. The author and illustrator of several books, including How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head, he lives in the Netherlands.

Book Information:
  • ages: 288
  • Book Size : 8 x 10
  • ISBN-13: 9781620555873
  • Imprint: Destiny Books
  • Release Date: February 26, 2017
  • Format: Paperback Book
  • Illustrations: Includes 16-page color insert and 15 b&w illustrations

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Innertraditions - Awakening the Chakras by Kooch N. Daniels, Pieter Weltevrede and Victor Daniels

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