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The Paper Cube by Deeply Rooted Organics

The Paper Cube by Deeply Rooted Organics is not like any holder I've ever seen before!
This cube is shaped to hold all types of papers, from recipes while you are cooking/baking, school drafts you want to type up, pages for work, even credit and debit cards and many others! The unique design is what makes this so interesting! Unlike many holders I've used and seen before, none of them can compare to this cube.

When you see the shape, it is definitely made perfectly! It's shaped to sit on a slant, which allows you to attach the papers in a position for your eyes to read each line with ease. The magnetic piece is centered in the front, with a ball to keep it all attached and upright for you to view a bunch of papers in front of the cube. So depending on the size, you can view anything on any type of paper with this cube! Plus, it's only for paper, not for computers, tablets or created to be for things that are electronic. Instead, this is for single sheets of paper, from one to a few you want to have held up. 
Also, the quality of the wood is very well made! It's solid, not hollow or something weak enough to fall apart. I really feel the company has dedicated time to bring us a truly good product for years to come! I always prefer to go for something that is worth every cent because if you want to save in the long run and have the product lasting for awhile, then you can't pass up a good product that isn't extremely pricey, well made and you will not need to buy it over and over again, which will cost you, in the long run, more than the price of one of The Paper Cube!

Of course, the part I love best about this cube is that it's all I really need! I don't need a tablet stand because most of my recipes are on paper and they are my personal ones. I don't need it to hold my phone as I prefer to write and use a real pen! So to have my drafts and pages that I want to type out later or even my crafting patterns that I've written down quickly and want to organize neater on the computer, well this is the best stand I could have ever received! Not only does it help me around the office, but it goes with me throughout the house. I use it for pretty much everything, work and personal hobby related. Finally, with this cube, I can hold up my documents and never have to read a page lying down on my desk again! Plus, to add, this can make a perfect gift for any family chef, office worker, artists, school teachers, children and many others!
Product Information:
  • Magnetized stand for holding magazine pages, printed internet recipes, or recipe cards
  • Beautiful sculptural wood design holds 8-10 pages
  • Works great for holding pages in the office and for the computer
  • Takes up almost no space in the kitchen or office
  • Architect designed and chef tested - Makes a great gift!
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