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Smile Fitness Electric 2 Stitch Mini Sewing Machine

I love to sew and have been creating my own clothing and doll accessories for a hobby or future fashion career in selling fashionable clothing. However, I always need a way to mend and put fabrics together, especially to showcase a few new designs and some fun DIYs I love to do with fabric. That is why I am so happy to have found this wonderful shop, Smile FitnessNot only do they sell a sewing machine, but wonderful workout clothing for women as well.

However, this machine, Smile Fitness Electric 2 Stitch Mini Sew Machine that I am hooked too since I love to sew really helps me put a simple stitch into small bits of fabric that needed to be sewn together. It's perfect for a beginner and those who already own a large machine and want a small, portable one to use anywhere! I mean many large ones are portable, but they require a cord to plug in, this version is smaller, light in weight and requires batteries but still has a foot pedal to use!
You can easily guide the fabric like a large machine would, through while stitching. The pedal is sensitive to the foot, so harder you push the speed picks up, the lighter the less it gives. You also have an area for the bobbin and button to switch between Low or high and of course, on or off.  

It's just a wonderful way to sew anyplace, and fix whenever you need too! I honestly love the colors, the simple shape and 2 speeds to choose from. Plus, for a child starting out or like mentioned before, beginner this is a wonderful way to start and practice before buying a larger machine. Also, who knows, maybe you just need to fix pieces and parts of things in the home and not sew a gown. Possibly this could be the perfect item for you or eve a great gift! I know I love mine and it's just so helpful and easy to use!
Product Information:
  • Well Equipped: Top drop-in bobbin ensures easy threading, automatic thread rewinding.
  • PERFECT STITCH CONTROL: Mini 2-speed sewing machine offers double thread and perfect stitch control
  • PERFECT GIFT CHOICE: This sewing machine is so easy to handle that children of 10 years old or more can learn basic art skills with it. With this mini sewing machine, children could make their barbie dolls lovely clothes in their own style.It's a perfect gift choice for children to improve their hands-on skills.
  • PORTABLE and EASY to USE: With easy-to-use features, this sewing machine is basic sewing machine, small and portable, suit for sewing freshman
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