Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Practical Spellcraft by Leanna Greenaway

The book, Practical Spellcraft by Leanna Greenaway is a perfect beginners book! Anyone who wants to learn spell crafting should read this book. You will get introduced to witchcraft and so many different things that come with it! I myself have a few books already and really just love the information found in each. They basically are similar, but each is made to be simpler sometimes.

What makes this book stand out from most, is that it's a bit easier for anyone to understand and use. It's not huge, doesn't take much time to understand or hours of reading and researching. Instead, you have everything about witchcraft and spells in this little book! It might actually be right for a fast reference and help you acquire what you need to know before starting and working with spells. I think from my experience, it really makes learning to create and use all types of spells easier, including the ones inside as well!

Now, what got me interested in reading this book is because of the front cover. I first saw the gorgeous artwork in front, which I really loved and has caught my attention before even opening the book to read! Next, the detailed information found on each page, which there are under 200 making it easy for anyone to learn and doesn't need too much back history to read. You get a well-organized book, full of different topics covering different parts such as candles, gardens, animals, and even self-defense magic. It even includes magick spells for magic, money, birth and even what everyone should want health! Finally, it's a perfect beginners book and you can learn so much, especially a section in this book is even a chapter on writing your own spells.

Information About The Author:
For the past 11 years, Leanna Greenaway has had her own monthly column in Take a Break's Fate and Fortune magazine. As their resident witch, she answers reader's questions and offers quick and easy spells to combat problems. She is the co-founder of The Psychic Study Centre and lives in the south of England.

Book Information:
  • ISBN: 9781571747549
  • Book (Paperback)
  • Hampton Roads Publishing Company
  • $16.95
  • 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
  • 192 pages
  • February 1, 2017
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Redwheelweiser - Practical Spellcraft A First Course in Magic Leanna Greenaway

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