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EVISTR L57 8GB Slim Digital Voice Recorder Portable Audio Recorder

The EVISTR L57 8GB Slim Digital Voice Recorder is such a nice small and easy to handle recorder! It's not complicated to learn and does exactly as the name states, voice records. However, you can keep music on this device as well, so it becomes like an MP3 player and recorder in one. Many of times, recorders require a press of a button to activate, but this version has a simple voice activation, which allows it to start while you begin talking. Plus, with the microphone on top of the device, you don't need to insert or add any additional one. Also, inside the box is earbuds, so you can replay and listen to every song or recording anytime you'd like. 
The color black is very nice, it can easily be seen with any bright or light colored outfit, but if you want to record without anyone knowing then a dark black would allow this little device to fade.
Making the EVISTR a nice little spy recorder as well!  Now for the battery, which it recharges pretty quickly, all you do is insert the USB cord which is also the transfer cord, into the device and begins refueling the device. It doesn't take long to charge and lasts a good amount of time. So you can record a class or take important notes, journal and so much more with this recorder. Plus, on the road and want to enjoy some music, well this little device can be your MP3 and play your favorite music whenever you want! 

Finally, this is a very nicely designed MP3 and recorder in one! It's great for work and personal use. You don't have to buy anything extra, as everything you need is included. Therefore, if it's for a gift or for yourself, this is a perfect professional style MP3 player that can be used right when you get it! Of course, make sure to charge it up first and then enjoy!

Product Information:
  • Recording Voice Clear: 384kpbs high-quality PCM Recording (WAV format), dual condenser microphone, get clear stereo sound
  • Record More: 8GB could store up to 46 hours PCM high-quality recording file; 230MAH LI-POLYMER BATTERY, enough power for your daily recording task
  • Simple Operation: Just press REC, it records; with LCD display, you could easily know your recording or playback status
  • Advanced Function: you could enter the setting menu to select the Voice Control Sensitivity for better recording effect. INSTANT AUTO SAVING: autosave every 5 seconds, so never worry forgot saving before you switch off, it saved recorded file already
  • Premium Quality: excellent metal body, the most common Mirco-USB cable for charging and file transfer, it is a great gift for students, writers, blogger, businessman, teachers, professionals or any other users who need it!
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