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Yimia Tech - Affei Silicone Makeup Beauty Sponge Blender

The best part of using makeup is getting it on perfectly and not having to waste a ton to do so! 
I have recently found interest in this newly designed product to apply makeup with ease. It's known as the Yimia Tech Affei Silicone Makeup Beauty Sponge Blenders. They are a set of silicone sponges, that don't soak the makeup into the product, but allows you to use less, clean it off easy and apply with ease as well! Plus, at one low cost, you get three, not just one as many love to sell you. This little blender is 100% silicone, making it a perfect applicator for makeup. It's flexible, can go in all corners of the face or body, it's useful for all types of lotions as well as makeup. 

So you can even include using this to apply fake tanner on the body, it works great for that as well! However, what I love is that it's easy to clean and so much easier to use while applying my makeup whether it be blush, highlighter, bb or cc creams, they all go on perfectly and evenly. Plus, just think, without the sponge you normally would use or brush that takes in some of that liquid makeup, leaving you with a wasted amount of product, this silicone it doesn't absorb and sits right on top for use. Therefore, no wasted product less to spend on buying more. Plus, of course, you get that perfect face every time.
Just imagine all you need to complete your makeup routine is a silicone blender, and it's easy to clean. After applying the makeup to your face, you do have three each can be used for different makeup type or just wash it with a little soap and let it dry with the use of a towel, you're ready to apply makeup again. It's super fast to clean and dry, without any wasted time. So not only does the Affei Silicone Blender Sponger allow you to get your makeup on faster, but it's super easy to clean and have it dry in seconds. Finally, this is just a wonderful tool to have in your makeup train, bag or on the counter waiting for you. I never knew how easy it could be until I tried the Affei Silicone Makeup Beauty Sponge
Product Information:
  • EASY TO USE -The smooth & soft silicone surface is the perfect applicator for BB Cream, CC Cream, Air Cushion, foundation, blush, highlighter, and concealer. Come in a set of 3 silicon sponges.
  • NOT WASTE- Unlike traditional makeup application sponge that absorbs over 50% of your makeup that went to waste, this new silicone sponge will not eat your makeup material. Saves money in your pocket!
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO CARRY -Simply use soap and water to Clean your silicone makeup sponge. When you are traveling, just use a wet or dry tissue towel to clean the silicone sponge temporarily so you can wash it later when you get home.
  • SAVE TIME-You will never have to worry about smudging left-over makeup on your brand name purse or clothing ever again. The silicone sponge will prevent the makeup to fill the creases of your fingers.
  • SAFE & HEALTH - These sponges are made of High-Quality Silicone. A Traditional sponge is the breeding ground for bacteria and Germs.
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