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TSC Complete Sewing Scissors 5 Piece Set

 A quality product is always required for certain hobbies and jobs. I find that including a perfect set of scissors is worth everything when you sew and work with fabric or yarn. However, it could be used for more than just crafts and no matter the use, it's always great to have the best quality. I can especially say that for these scissors by The Shop Company (TSC Group).
This company provides a bunch of high quality crafting professional products that you could use for all different projects. The product I was so lucky to try is there TSC Complete Sewing Scissors 5 Piece Set and let me tell you that they are the easiest pair of scissors, each one is to trim, cut, and get through thick pieces of paper, fabric, and yarn with ease. I don't have to strain or put so much pressure to get a decent straight cut. The scissors, each one that is in the set are very sharp and can easily get through anything I put in front of them.
Also talk about quality! These pair of scissors are all very strong and the weight, well once you pick them up you can tell that you aren't given some cheaper made product that will break in a week after many times using it. I even enjoyed the finger loops. They are large enough to get your entire finger no matter if they swell, the finger will go through and allow for a perfect hold and grab every time. However, the reason for the scissors is what they can do, and let me say they do as they state!
Each pair allows me to work on specific projects and hobbies, due to the size and shape. You have thread snippers that ae perfect for those loose pieces of string or excess that need to be snipped away from the ends. Next, there is the shears, two types a pinking which gives you great design control and the durable and strong straight shears, allowing a straight and perfect cut through thick or thin material. Finally, the last two products you do get is the storage pouch with zipper and the handy seam ripper. Those are all the 5 items included in the package.  In away, send this to a loved one who crafts and it's a perfect gift! Everything they could need is included and they aren't getting a piece of garbage but real high-quality steel scissors! Finally, all I can say is that I'm extremely happy with my set, and if you want to find a great pair like the TSC Sewing Scissors Set, just make sure to test the way they cut and if you can pick it up and feel the steels weight than you'll know you have the right pair! 
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Product Information:
  • Set includes straight edge shears, pinking shears, thread snipper and custom zippered carrying pouch; as a bonus, we are including our popular retractable seam ripper as well
  • Straight Edge Scissors - your choice of either our 8" Lightweight model or our 10" Heavyweight model. Both are cold forged from a premium blend of chromium and magnesium infused steel for maximum edge retension (sharpness)
  • Pinking Shears - super sharp and super smooth, these pinking shears will protect your fabric edges from fraying
  • Thread Snipper - quick and easy, these snipers are the perfect tool for cutting those pesky little threads
  • Zippered Pouch - designed from the ground up for the ultimate protection for our scissors. Premium metal components ensure that this carrying case will continue to protect them.
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