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SpoiledHippo Wooden Cube Puzzle

The Wooden Cube Puzzle by SpoiledHippo is a fun and great learning puzzle set for children!
These sets are perfect for kids at the age of 2 and up.  It's honestly just so much fun and a way to help build some skills as the child plays. This really isn't just a typical toy or game, but a learning tool that would provide brain building skills. Some of these are visual recognition, hand-eye coordination, and concentration skills. Mainly the kids will develop these skills just by playing with these cubes, building the character by putting them together or topping one on each other.  There is no wrong way to enjoy the wooden cubes, which means your child will learn and build skills no matter how they play! Plus, they can use them as they age and learn new ways to play.
What I do love is that you do get a set of 3 and if you have 2 or 3 kids, they can all play with the puzzles. Also, each of the puzzles you get with this set is all differently themed, each with cute characters on them. The 3 different puzzles include the Jungle, Seaworld, and Dinopark themed characters, each cube with one of those themes in the set. All you see is these bright colors and nicely shaped square cubes that aren't pointy or sharp in any way!
I honestly love the design, the fun it brings to a child and they start building up their skills with just playing! SpoiledHippo did a wonderful job creating these sets and they're can also make a wonderful gift for a loved one or friend's child! Also, the price is so reasonable and for the quality of the wood, it's so worth it!
Product Information:
  • LIMITED 3 in 1 EDITION - 3 Toys, 18 Puzzles, 27 Wooden Cubes
  • JUNGLE - Elephant, Hippo, Tiger, Lion, Giraffe and Gorilla
  • SEAWORLD - Shark, Dolphin, Octopus, Walrus, Crab and Clownfish
  • DINOPARK - Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Spinosaurus and Pteranodon
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