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ProBody Pilates Foam Roller

I love a great massage after an intense workout or just any day to stretch and reduce pain or aches from sitting and using the same muscles over. The best form of stretching and massaging I have found is the Foam Roller by ProBody PilatesIt actually is such a dense foam piece that you can stretch the entire body on, from the neck to the lower back and legs. This is such a portable and easy to use a product that works to aid in recovering from aches and pains with a deep massage. You just need to roll it down or roll on it, any place you want to massage.
I use this more on my back, which I love to do so I can crack my back, nobody else needs to help. It's a super fast way too! It helps and gives me that feeling of relief fast and instantly just by placing it on the ground and rolling my back from up to down on the foam piece. Just like it states, it's a roller so just roll it!
Finally, it's a very sparkly and interesting piece, but does the job! It's very easy to use and many even in workout places use this type of massage equipment after a workout. I honestly love the thick, density to this foam piece and the strong firmness as well!
Product Information:
  • Non-toxic, high-density expanded polypropylene (EPP) that won’t soak up moisture and is easy to clean; molded with round molded edges.
  • Ideal for Pilates core work, rehab and flexibility exercises, strengthening, spine stabilization and balance work.
  • Lightweight deep tissue roller allowing easy storage and transport.
  • Great for releasing muscle tension and tightness after training for faster recovery, reduced soreness and improved flexibility.
  • Body roller available in three lengths: 12, 18 and 36 inches (each with same width and height of 6 inches). Compact 12” size is perfect as a travel companion or when bringing your own to the gym.

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