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Ozeri 5-Piece Wine Bottle Corkscrew & Accessory Set

The Ozeri 5-Piece Wine Bottle Corkscrew andAccessory Set is a wonderful gift and an excellently designed product for wine lovers! You can just tell by the design of the bottle, it's very eye catching! What is wonderful about this bottle is that you get all the pieces needed to open and serve the wine at any party or just any occassion. All the tools to remove the cork, unwrap the foil and get the bottle open for the party, without a struggle! I love that it's all stored in a wine bottle design and such a lovely set to gift anyone who loves to drink wine.
Also, the snug case, keeps every piece perfectly secured and easily able to be removed. The sections inside are made to fit each piece and doesn't cause any scratching on the product. Plus, the bottle holder is very smooth with a no finger print material, so you never have to worry about smudges or even dropping this bottle case, since it's covering gives it a non-slip covering.
It really is a wonderful kit, so useful and so nifty! A  gift you really don't have to think about when you know there is a party coming up or for the holidays, this makes any wine lover happy! It's a total of 5 pieces that are inside a tight magnetic pulled case, shaped like a wine bottle. It's got even a drip-stop collar to add to the bottle of your choice. I honestly love this product and can be seen using the Ozeri 5-Piece Wine Bottle Corkscrew Set for my holiday and special occasion parties!
Product Information:
  • Shaped like a wine bottle
  • the Ozeri Wine Accessory Set opens and shuts into place with its magnetic locking mechanism.^5-piece set includes a stainless-steel corkscrew with foil cutting knife
  • drip-stop collar
  • combination wine pourer/stopper
  • and foil cutter.^Stands vertically like a wine bottle or stores away into any wine rack.^A fun and innovative to store and reveal your wine essentials.^A perfect gift for any wine aficionado
  • the Ozeri Wine Accessory Set makes opening a wine bottle easy
  • exciting and entertaining.
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