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MSG BACK and FOOT PAIN Massage Balls

There isn't anything better than having feet with no pain! Especially, if you are standing and using them daily, it's a bit hard to not feel some foot pain at the end of the day. However, this can all be avoided thanks to the MSG BACK and FOOT PAIN Massage Balls! This set of spiky and smooth balls are very useful for massaging and fitting into that curved arch of the foot to remove all those tight and painful muscles by putting pressure right on the problem area. The balls are designed perfectly to fit and allow you without too much work to do, but roll it back and forth!
I loved using tennis balls until I felt not much of a fix but the need to keep using them for over an hour. however, what makes the MSG Balls different is that they are strong, durable and not easily squashed once stepped on. They have a bit more stronghold once the foot is pressed against, giving you some resistance and allowing you to aid yourself in some deep massage throughout the foot. Also, for a three piece set, each works similar and can benefit not only the foot but other parts of the body like the hands, neck, and even the shoulders.
3.5inch Ball
2.5inch Ball Smooth
2.5inch Ball with spikes
Of course, you may use these balls in so many different ways, but each of them has their own unique features. Not only are they strong and ball shaped, but two have a spiky appearance, which allows for a deeper penetration into the muscle, removing knots and relieving painful muscle tissue that may need more attention. One is a bit larger, which is great for a bigger surface area of the body. However, with the two smaller balls, they work perfectly for the small sections of the body, which can't be reached easily. However, the entire set is quite wonderful and can help relieve pain throughout the entire body, no extra help needed. You can finally perform your own massage and in minutes or less feel great! 
Finally, All of these balls are useful and can make such a wonderful gift for pretty much everyone! Since most of us are always walking and move daily on our feet and pain is something nobody wants to feel, when they are finally relaxing at the end of the day. Therefore, do your feet a favor and try massaging them out with MSG Massage Balls. Plus, with the additional guide book you have an excellent visual and guidance to proper use and helpful tips!
Product Information:
  • UNBEATABLE COMBO - Our therapy Ball set contains 3 different balls each designed for different types of pressure and relief, It is a great gift for your tired body. It is designed for targeted self-massages, trigger point therapy, self-myofascial release, yoga & more. So whether you use the spiky ball as a foot massage ball, or the large ball massager to penetrate the big muscles groups in your back and legs, you will finally be able to relieve muscle pain and remove knots from your body.
  • 1 x hard Large and hard spiky ball (3.5 inch) - this is the most heavy duty massage, perfect for those stubborn knots, and Release Trigger Points and Muscle Tightness.
  • 1 x soft porcupine ball (2.4 inch) - this is good for loosening up tight muscles and giving a more gently enjoyable massage, this massage ball can greatly reduce Plantar Fasciitis pain, Encourage faster recovery, increase flexibility and improve posture.
  • 1 x lacrosse ball (2.4 inch)- this perfect for those more sensitive areas or rehab style massages on areas like the neck or shoulder, All of our customers will receive massage therapy ball tips and exercises including instructions on how to use your massage balls.
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