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KEM 7pc Jewelry Making Tool Kit

The company known as Kem Products will definitely help any beginner with the supplies they need to make jewelry! I was so glad to have found a set that they provide, with all the tools you could ask for! Most sets don't include a crimping tool, an awl and especially a bead shovel. It's really hard to find quality and specific tools that you need when you really want some. I was so happy to see that the KEM Jewelry Making Tool Kit includes all these and 4 more wonderful tools to help out any beginner or equip the expert jeweler in their craft!

I myself have just started learning to make jewelry. However, I did learn a little from my mom. She taught me the easy simple beading on rubber cord to give you a quick bracelet or necklace, which goes on simply. However, now my eyes are wide open to the possibility of creating some wire worked designs. Honestly, I am always getting creative with my art, trying new things with all these ideas I get. I just love DIY, and this set by Kem Products should help me achieve this! Now for the set, I can tell you that I was pleasantly surprised that the quality is exactly as mentioned HIGH GRADE! It's nothing cheap or wimpy that will break or not even perform the task you wanted the specific tool to do. I actually enjoy the handles as well! If you notice how smooth each piece is, with a blue handle that has a rigid style that allows for an excellent hold onto the flush cutter and crimper tool. Plus, the three pliers, which are the flat nose, chain-nose, and round-nose pliers have a lavender purple rubber grip, which doesn't allow them to fall out of your hands and is comfortable to use for hours while creating jewelry.
Of course, the tools are very sharp, each piece has a strong metal that will be able to work with metal beads, wires and much more! You actually can create a smooth center to any bead with the awl tool, acts like a bead reamer when needed! Also can be used for other creations as well. There is also the nice thickness to the pliers, scissors, tweezers and crimping tools that help you perfect the perfect pair of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets which I'm a huge fan of creating!

I do want to mention for those who are just beginning, this kit is a perfect setup and what could be useful for following those beginner books. You can learn to create so much with this set and it's not only for a specific type of jewelry making, you really can do so much! That is why I love these, not only do they stand up to creating some wonderful earrings, forming a perfectly smooth round shape or give me the right ending crimp to each bead but it also includes tools you would pay 5 or more dollars for separately when you can get it all in this set!
Product Information:
  • ORGANIZED: Beginners and experienced jewelers alike will love having their necessary pliers in one neatly organized place. The case has elastic holding each tool making them ready and visible when needed.
  • NECESSARY: Regardless of your style, these tools are necessary to help with the small details while designing your one of kind jewelry.
  • INCLUDES: Crimping pliers, flush-cutters, flat-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, beading awl, a bead shovel, and tweezers.
  • DIRECTIONS: The colorful instruction page helps explain with words and photos the function of each tool.
  • You will find these tools helpful in repairing jewelry and useful in other craft projects.
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