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Joinline - Windaze Knitting 4pc Long Looms Set

Recently, there was something that caught my eyes! It's actually something I was interested in for awhile, a new type of art that is known for creating scarves, blankets, socks and so many other wonderful items. This type of creative art is known as knitting, but not just knitting with needles but with a loom! Something a little bit different and yet, I knew this would be something I must try! I already love doing so many other creative DIY crafts with yarn like crocheting, sewing, and so many others! However, I've been interested in weaving and working with looms for awhile. 

I did try a year ago with weaving on a square loom, but it was pretty cheaply made. It basically snapped with ease. Plus it was with loop style bands and I really found it less than exciting! Though that all changed till I found a shop known as Joinline, which is selling these amazing set of 4 different size looming sets with everything you need to begin, the hook and needle to weave in between each strand. All you have to add is the yarn!
The actual name of this set is the Windaze Knitting Long Looms Set, which is perfect for all types of creative scarves, blankets, and so many other cute accessories to gift or make for oneself! I honestly think of it like a simpler way to knit for beginners and sort of like weaving.  However, it may be used, for any type of creative project, I feel that the loom makes knitting a colorful and wearable piece fun!

Now, The set is made of very strong plastic, something that will allow you to work on it as much as you like and not end up with a broke in half loom board. There is also different sizes, you have an extra-large, large, medium and a small loom. Each is perfect for making all types of items at different sizes. I can see making a baby blanket with the large or extra large and a scarf with the medium or even the smaller loom. Nevertheless, they all work wonders and are perfectly designed for making the best creative piece you could create! Especially, with all the tools you need are included and all you have to add is the yarn.

Finally, with this rainbow set of colorful looming boards, all the tools and the directions to create some wonderful pieces, well any beginner would love to have this! I know I'm super excited and can't wait to begin creating some new creations with this loom set! It's just so much fun to be creative and try something new with this set of looms!
Product Information:
  • Set Of 4 Long Looms With Hook, Needle, Instruction X-Large, Large, Medium, Small
  • The rectangular shaped looms are perfect for making mats, scarves, headbands, hats, socks and much more! These are great when used with a whole range of wools in various thickness and material so you can use them over and over again.
  • These looms are colorful and lightweight which will inspire children and adults alike to pick up a loom and get knitting.
  • Hook and pick tool and easy-to-follow instructions in a clear carrying tote also included. Great looms for beginner and skilled knitter
  • Package Include: 4 x Loom Rings(Not include knitting wool), 1 x Yarn Needle, 1 x Soft Grip Pick
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