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FLAGPOWER Handheld Wireless Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner

Many of us do all types of jobs which include paperwork and even just saving old documents and photos for later is something we all probably have. However, to keep them from damage or the ability to reduce the piles and share everything you want with others all can happen with a wand scanner! The one I have here is the FLAGPOWER 900DPI Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner. It's is so much easier to carry around, works great with many different items that need to be scanned and copied, and allows you to be organized! There isn't anything better than the freedom to move all over and not be stuck in one spot! Therefore, with a wand scanner, you can never be tied down to one area as this will let you go all over to scan and doesn't hog up so much space if you travel from place to place. 

Many who love to reduce paper or save visuals, like photos on a sd card can benefit from this as well as those sending a fax. The scanner is designed like all others to keep documents safe and available for easy viewing no matter if it's to send to another or to save in your own documents file, this FLAGPOWER Scanner is great for all types of jobs. What I really love about the design is that you can just wave it over any material, including fabric and capture the image, just like a magic wand! There is no difficulty with the movement, as you are in control and the bottom includes tiny wheels, which help move the device along while scanning.  
Of course, most scanners are attached to a computer when in use, but this scanner allows you to store up to 32GB worth of memories on a card before having to upload or use another. There is no need to attach a computer on the other side until you are ready or you never have too!
You can easily just save everything you scanned onto the card and save it for later. However, the computer can easily allow you to view each saved and scanned items you have taken. You might notice a few mistakes when scanning this occurs in the beginning. It takes some time to roll over an item, and capture it correctly. However, after a few practice tries it becomes easy. That is why with the instructions manual and each included piece, you'll have it down in no time!

When I used it for the first time, I didn't find the FLAGPOWER Scanner to be hard to use, as its design makes scanning simple. I can now go through books and scan pages to share with others or, scan an image of a blanket to show another online. It's super useful for all different needs and requests you may have. Plus, with this wonderful device, you get a few extra goodies, which allow you to begin using right when it arrives!  

First, you have the scanner,  black in design with a simple button to begin scanning and power on.
The little window on this scanner to view the mode and selected option. Next, the USB cord to transfer files saved on the wand scanner, two Double A batteries for powering on, a cleaning fabric, Disk for the scanner, Calibration Card(don't get rid of this), The manual or instructions and finally the bonus 8GB micro SD card.  Some don't supply the memory card, but with this scanner, you do get one included, which is wonderful! Finally, for a gift or just to use for one's self, this doesn't need anything extra once you get it and is just perfect for organizing everything you have written down or needed to be uploaded for another to see! 
Product Information:
  • Store and Share your scans and information via searchable PDF files or JPEG into a micro SD/TF card ( Supports up to 32G)
  • Scan documents, recipes, photos, letters, business cards, the articles in newspaper or magazine, and any reading materials with up to 900 DPI resolution
  • Lightweight, Portable and handheld scanner suitable for businessmen, students, travelers and amateur archivists etc, which can be carried with you to anywhere
  • Windows and Mac compatible. Comes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software so you can convert and edit your scans
  • Automatic shutdown: automatic power-off after 3 minutes without operation
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