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Fine Element Foldable Step Stool

The Fine Element Foldable Step Stool is a wonderful product to own! Not only has it allowed me to reach the high parts of my bookshelf and dust the tops of the windows and doors, but it also gave me a chance to use as a stool, a place to sit when I need a chair! This is what makes it not your typical one step ladder, so you can reach the item on the top shelf. It's also a chair to sit on, which is wonderful when you happen to be out camping or maybe have guest over and no chair left to sit on. This can be a great substitute and it will hold a hefty amount of weight, 300lbs total! That is pretty amazing if I say so myself!
So lifting a huge bag or object from the top shelf won't cause this stool to break and you can easily enjoy the smooth top comfort of the stool as it's made to fit your bottom and leave you not falling off. The size oh the other hand is actually perfect for all ages, such as adults and children. You won't need to fear about your kids using this, as it's not super high and won't be a danger to have set up for them to use. They probably can use this to brush their teeth and can sit on it to play video games in front of the television.
Nevertheless, Fine Element has really made a wonderful stepping stool. You will always find a use for it! Since everyone needs a seat and a way to reach the top shelf, lamps, or fan if you want to change and clean a light bulb.I honestly love the quality, I can step on it over and over, without having it collapse or lifting a heavy package of mulch and dirt without the weight being too heavy. Now, I did forget one other benefit of this wonderful stepping stool. If you don't need this stool, it won't be a problem to store it away. Many stools don't store pretty easily, but this one does! You can fold this stool till it's flat and place it anywhere, out of site if you'd like. There isn't anything better than a way to reach high places, have a seat when needed and it actually folds away without being a space hog. 
Therefore, I am very happy with this product and super excited to have had a chance to own one! It's not easy to find a durable stool, which can be used in many ways. If you are looking for a great gift, a simple accessory to help you out in the home or outdoors, then check out the Fine Element Foldable Stepping Stool, it's very affordable and the quality is excellent!
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Product Information:
  • PREMIUM PRODUCT – Your easy foldable stepping stool comes in black color, 11inches in height, maximum weight it capacity 300 LBS, sturdy light weight suitable for children and adults easily storable, use it anywhere Indoors, outdoors, camping, bathroom, kitchen, garden
  • USER-FRIENDLY - Especially, designed to be folded in order to save space. Simply pull up the handle and push in each of the sides, it's easily stored in a cabinet, under a couch, or many other convenient locations
  • EASY TO MOVE - Folding step stool" has a durable "Carrying Handle", this extraordinary feature will let you carry the step stool to any location
  • EXTRA SAFE - Rubber polka dots on the step stool's surface in order to prevent injuries which occur from slipping. Allowing you and your kids the additional height require, use it anywhere Indoors, outdoors, camping, bathroom, kitchen, garden, RV
  • FINE ELEMENT PROMISE: 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not happy with the step stool or it’s damaged during shipping, we will happily send you a replacement or refund your money back

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