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Exmight 6700mah External Battery Pack

An excellent way to keep everything charged is with the Exmight 6700mah External Battery Power Bank Charger.  You never need to worry about having anything halfway charged when this device actually allows you to charge quicker and not over charge one of the devices you plug into the external battery charger. It's safe for all those electronic devices and allows a quick strong charge, which won't cause you to have anything not get fully charged or mention that it is slowly charging.

The quality of the device is a Panasonic cells, which is meant to be super quick and make for a wonderful fast charge! Plus, with the design, you'll never have to worry about it scratching or causing any damage to the exterior, and also it's small making it portable for you to put in your pocket or bag and charge anyplace!. 

Therefore, this Exmght External Battery Charger is a handheld friendly, very durable and rechargeable device that will keep all different smartphones, media players, and many others running. One thing I especially love to do with this external battery charger is to charge the device itself during the day and at night allow my phone to charge up while I'm asleep. However, this can be used anywhere and anytime, on vacation or at home. It's perfect to have a way to keep your work life going or your social life online going as well and this provides you with power no matter where you are and what device you own!
Finally, you also get a wonderful flashlight light to use in any situation. So during a blackout or lost in the woods, you'll have a way to view the area around you with the LED light on the device, which is super bright! It's just the perfect emergency device and super power charger for all devices!

Product Information:
  • Smallest and lightest portable size, easy to take and fit in a pocket and handbag.
  • Brand Panasonic cells 3350mah*2 ensure long battery life and safe use, can use more than 500times.
  • High capacity 6700mAh, can charge iphone6(1810mah) more than 2 times.Recharges itself in 4.5 hours with a 2 amp charger, phone chargers (generally 1 amp) may take about 7 hours.
  • CE,ROHS,FCC,SGS Europe and US quality standard; Smart 93% efficiency PCBA board(5V,1.5A input and output), ensure safely and fast charging your devices
  • --Special anti-scratch body case which helps protect it from scratching

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