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DWON CT007X Wireless Automatic Barcode Scanner

The DWON 2.4GHz Wireless USB Handheld Automatic Barcode Scanner is a wonderful scanner for multiple uses! It's especially wonderful if you own your own store or business. You can keep tabs on all the items coming in or going out. Even record how many copies or organize everything you own to one of the computer programs you have to with the scanner.
The DWON Wireless Barcode Scanner is a simple to use point and shoot design, with a smooth handle to hold on too and one button to press the trigger. You just need to find the code and press the button to begin scanning, very simple! Also, since this is a plugin design, you can transfer all scanned codes right to the computer in many other programs that will accept it. 
However, that isn't the only wonderful feature of this device! The DWON Scanner is also able to work without the use of any wires. You can scan at a distance with the USB receiver. Plus the device can store up to 2600 code entries for you. I love using it to keep an idea on what items I have or what has sold. It's excellent for my home business as well! Finally, if you need an easy way to keep organized, well this scanner is perfect and very easy to use and setup!
Product Information:
  • TWO CONNECTION MODES: 2.4GHz wireless and USB cable connection; With Mini USB Receiver and USB Cable, Plug and Play
  • AUTO-INDUCTION SCANNING: CT007X has a sensitivity of barcode capture function, can quickly and accurately for a variety of 1D bar code decoding.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The streamline design is suitable to any person, comfort grip, eliminate the fatigue of operator.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: All operations through a buzzer, LED light to alert mechanism, even in a noisy environment, still able to clear alert users.
  • EASY CARRY:2.4G adapter with compact design, more convenient to carry.
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