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Buyus Large Erasable Imaginarium Color Magnetic Drawing Board

Creativity can start anytime, but when you're young you usually love to color or doodle on paper.
It's not only a fun way to share your feelings or thoughts, but a great way to be creative and have fun! That is why I am so happy to have found a product that would keep the kids at home or while traveling busy! The Buyus Large Erasable Imaginarium Color Magnetic Drawing Board is not a one time draw on and toss.Instead, your child can create as many times as they like without losing a space to doodle.
The board is super portable by the additional handle to carry it from and to any place, the lightweight feel, and there is no need to plug in, this board is not electric and won't cause anything more or take up any outlet. The next part that is wonderful about the Buyus Large Drawing Board is that it's got a few fun stamps and a nifty design nd color that really captures a child's interest and curiosity to use. There are not any harmful pieces that a child could come in contact, but of course,  the small pieces like the stamps could easily be digested by a young child, so it's best to watch or make sure the child is old enough to know what to put in their mouths. However, this drawing board is a fun way to keep the creativity going and going. No matter if they make a mistake, want to write words, practice drawing animals or objects, and just want to design something for mommy and daddy, well they can and easily erase the board to start all over again. It's just that easy and fun!
Finally, I really love to point out how large the board is, from corner to corner and drawing portion in the center. It's like owning a large frame with an erasable center in design. However, the entire Buyus Drawing Board is a wonderful idea to give a child during the holidays, that not only is fun and reusable but can help build their creative minds, this is a wonderful gift idea! Plus, if you want to gift another child, not one of your own or possibly relative this still is a wonderful way! 
Product Information:
  • The Colorful Erasable Magic Drawing Board Coming with 4 Colors Areas on the Drawing Screen (Yellow, Green, Blue and Red).
  • This Toy includes an Extra Large Size Drawing Screen with 1 Easy Slider Eraser, 3 Snap Fit Shaped Stampers, and 1 Pen.
  • The Shapes/Stampers Stick in The Storage Slots and The Pen is Tethered (So Nothing will Get Lost).
  • The Prime Learning & Activity Toy includes 12.5" Diagonal Drawing Surface: 10.5" x 7.0"; Frame Size: 16" x 12.5" x 1.5"
  • Hours of No-Mess Magnetic Colorful Drawing Fun, Start Your Kids' Creativity and Imaginarium Now.

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