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Bianyo Aluminum Field Easel

The Bianyo Alumium Field Easel is a wonderful product! I can take it outdoors or work indoors and have my art at a decent level to paint on. No more sitting needed, with this 66" tall easel. However, if I want, it shrinks right down to 21" which allows it perfect for sitting and working on as well. I can even keep my paintings placed upon the easel for decoration and showing off my wonderful creation or why it's drying.
Helpful directions to setup and very easy to follow
There isn't anything better than a strong, durable easel when painting. Plus, with the length, I can get a true reach and not feel stuck to sitting the entire time while painting. Especially for those huge paintings, you may have to do or want to create! The best part of this Bianyo Aluminum Field Easel is that it's lightweight and able to be picked up, folded down to a small size and ported anyplace! Plus, you get a bag which comes in handy to keep the easel safe and protected while you store it or travel.
Travel and carry bag for storing
The rubber feet on the bottom allow for the easel to stay up and not cause any type of damage on any hardwood floor. It is absolutely easy to setup and you will have it arrived in a rectangular box, inside the carry bag waiting for you to open up and put it together! Well, not a huge put together, just a simple adjustment in legs and adding the bar to hold all of your beautiful canvas up, no matter if it's a regular white canvas or maybe if you're like me and love to use cardboard to paint on, plus much more!
Strong legs and soft rubber bottoms for gripping the surface and not scratching!

After all, is put up and you have the height you want, which is simple to get with the snap open of the legs telescope them upwards while snapping the black pieces again to lock them in place. Now you are ready to paint! I have it on the first height in the bottom picture, but you can increase it one more time and get that 66" height to paint on.
Finally, I honestly love the design, it's perfectly angled for my painting and at a level, I always dreamed of when it comes to an easel. Very easy to put together and simple to take down and travel with! I finally have a perfect easel to help replace my recent wooden easel which broke. I am so happy to have one that can be used standing up and travels with ease!
Adjustable legs to go from 21" to the 66" height
Product Information:
  • Adjustable height: 21"-66" - perfect for floor stand or table top display
  • Field Easel Size: 30"Wide x 23"Deep x 47"High, (Adjusts to 66"High)
  • Portability - Folds to only 21" for easy storage and comes with a carry bag with shoulder strap for easy transporting
  • Spring Loaded Top Clamp secures canvases in place.Adjustable legs are perfect for field use to adjust to uneven ground.Easy turn adjustable knobs for quick height & angle adjustments
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Enjoy peace of mind with our 3 months replacement guarantee
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