Jan 3, 2017

BCMRUN 14 pcs Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks

The BCMRUN 14 pcs Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks are a perfect set for all types of mini and large crochet designs and creations! I love the strong and colorful aluminum hooks as each is perfectly designed to allow the finger to grab on with ease and the hook to perfectly grab the yarn for each chain or stitch you create. I love the strong hook feel and weight. It's light enough for quick looping and chaining, while strong enough to work with different types of yarns.
The set of hooks is in such beautiful colors, metallic color. I think what I really love about this set is that you get 14 hooks and not just 10 or 12. So there are more sizes to use and create with, from the smallest 2.0mm all the way to the largest 10.0mm. Some sets don't even include the tiniest size or largest as you get in this set. Now toss in the low price of under 9 dollars, you really get so much more for a very low price! 
Finally, I honestly love the design, the quality, and this set makes for such a wonderful gift. Anyone who works with yarn, crochets or wants to learn to crochet would appreciate this gift of BCMRUN Crochet Hooks. This truly an excellent set and something I'll be using every day since I love to crochet!

Product Information:
  • Multicolor crochet hooks needles!
  • Material: Aluminum;Size: 15cm ( 5.9" );Color: Multi-Color (Random Color)
  • 14 PCS Aluminium Crochet
  • Hooks:2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm/4.0mm/4.5mm/5.0mm/5.5mm/6.0mm/6.5mm/7.0mm/8.0mm/9.0mm/10.0mm
  • Package include:1 Set of 14 sizes Crochet Hooks
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