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Abask Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home

The Abask Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is wonderful with it's many attachments, allowing you to reach high or low! Pus, It's more than just a car vac because it can be used all over, car and home. You can take it indoors or out and still end up with the same suction and clean results due to the portable, cordless design! There is no more need to drag a large cord out to the car or an older vac that needs an outlet. Instead, just recharge the battery with the power cord and you are ready to take  this hand vac anyplace. The 60W powered vac really does a great job cleaning all types of messes such as dirt, food, paper, and more!
What I really enjoy most about the Abask Handheld Vac is the additional pieces. You get the extension part that makes this almost like a regular stand up vac, but instead. it's still a handheld and allows you to reach far under the couch, chairs, tables, desks, car seats, and even up above inside the home or car. Plus, think about the other places you want to clean up, possibly the garage, porch and so on, it really works anyplace and gives you a clean room no matter where it might be. 

Finally, the vac is a well-designed item. It's not your one place cleaner, but instead, you can use this to pick up large messes or small.  The place you dump the garbage is kept in front with a clear window to view what you picked up. So if you happen to pick up something you didn't mean too, well just open the front and you can easily retrieve it. However, when you are done cleaning just place the vac over the garbage can and empty it. No more messy spills or other problems with this simple clean method. So, I honestly have nothing negative about this wonderful vac! It's strong, durable and does a wonderful job cleaning all my rooms and vehicles when I need too!
Product Information:
  • 2200MA RECHARGEABLE BATTERY and 3.5KPA SUCTION: The household car vacuum cleaner is 7.2-Volts with 60W of power and 3.5KPA of Suction. It has a 18000-23000r/min motor, noise level of: 79db, and 2200MA rechargeable battery. It has a filter inside that separates the container that collects the dust and debris from the suction mechanism so it doesn't get clogged. The front section was semi-clear so you could see how much dust and trash had built up and if it needed to be emptied.
  • UPGRADE WHIRLWIND FUNCTION: The household car vacuum cleaner uses the special whirlwind function,which avoid the dust stick on the vacuum cylinder and the vacuum cloth bag. It is easy to clean the vacuum cylinder and the vacuum cloth bag. It does exactly what it is supposed to do with little effort. Light and Portable,cordless vacuum cleaner is handy and performs well. The charger is quickly to charge. The powerful battery enables you to clean for up to 13-15 minutes without re-charging.
  • 5-in-1 CORDLESS VACUUM ACCESSORIES: The vacuum comes with useful attachments, they store right you never lose them. There are two extension rods, a dusting brush, crevice tool and an awesome accessory that can keep the crevice tool and dusting brush attached to one of the extension rods. The floor mop is to vacuum the Window’s dust, the short brush mouth is to vacuum the hair and wool fabric, the barge mouth to vacuum the surface dust. The two straight extended tube to vacuum the deep garbage.
  • BEAUTIFUL GLOD COLOR APPEARANCE: The gold color is beautiful. Simple and easy cleaning from ceiling to floor, it works as an upright vacuum, it cleans bare floors, stairs and cleans area carpet and rugs. It easily converts into a handheld vacuum within seconds, making it perfect for quick pick-ups no matter where the mess is…….all around your house and car. So ideal for Home, Office, Workshop, Car, Boat and RV.
  • SERVICE & GUARANTEE: Abask household car vacuum cleaner warrants to the original consumer that this product is backed by a 30-day money guarantee and 180-day free replacement policy. One year warranty. If your product begins to malfunction or stop working, immediately email us for the problem. We will solve it to you!
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