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Uber Appliance UB-CH1 Chill 6 Mini Fridge

I love cool drinks, especially in the summer! Now how about you? Have you ever wanted to own a personal fridge or maybe an extra one that could be in a convenient location like beside the couch, bedroom or any place you're working or located in the most? Well, I know I'd love to have a simpler way to reach for a cool beverage when I don't have the time to stop and go the kitchen or happen to be out on the road and need a nice way to keep my beverages cool without going into every convenience store around town.
Tray comes out and allows for more space and easy to clean!
That is why I was so glad to have found the product known as the Uber Appliance UB-CH1 Chill 6 Mini Fridgege. It's not your typical mini fridge nor is it boring! This retro fridge is a personal size travel buddy or just a perfect dorm, office, living room or any room in the house fridge that allows for an easy access to some cool beverages or warm ones. This is a fridge that they would call a thermoelectric fridge and many of these fridges are known to fit about 6 drinks in one fridge. 
Door handle, easy to open and locks the door from opening when hitting a bump or falling.
Back with the option of cooling or warming and
insert are for the cords, car and outlet.
Green light for cool and red light for warm.
Now that is all great and dandy that you can have a cool beverage when you want, but that isn't all you can fit in this fridge! It's also perfect for food! Honestly, can easily heat or cool up some treats, leaving them fresh for you to snack on anytime! So why not enjoy those little cakes or pies from the cool fridge or possibly a sandwich while camping with the family. It can all fit, thanks to the spacious room inside. Also, with the one feature that is so necessary, self-locking you will be fearing less of anything falling out or losing the temperature from within if the door accidentally opens. I know this is big even on the road when the vehicle is moving and possibly hits a bump, you may end up having the door open easily as well. However, the Uber Chill comes with a self-locking feature, which keeps your food from ever being disturbed, till you open the door.
Handle to carry easily around.
As mentioned before, this works great on the go as well as in the home. All of this is possible due to the cords that keep the fridge working. You have one for the car and the outlet in your home, making it portable and useful no matter wherever you may be! Finally, this has just been a lovely product to own and try. I am so happy to have a cool beverage while playing a game, watching TV or a movie, and working on my computer. It's kept me from breaking in between an online meeting or stopping what I need to do to get something from the fridge because Uber Chill is right beside me and makes my life so much easier!

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Product Information:
  • Uber Chill XL retro mini fridge desktop fridge 12 can capacity 9 liters good for a bedroom, dorm room or office.
  • Compact fridge holds up to nine 12-oz. cans or nine 500-mL. bottles
  • High-quality Solid-state thermoelectric cooling system keeps drinks very cold
  • Features a self-locking recessed door handle
  • Plugs into your cigarette lighter or Home outlet (Built-in AC/DC transformer) Both cords included
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