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Sunlit Life Reinforced Plastic Chinese Cupping Set

The Sunlit Life Reinforced Plastic Chinese Cupping Set is wonderful with all the different size cups you get and each to fit all around the body. Plus, with the vacuum suction gun included, which is a huge helper I don't need to create a suction to get that strong tight hold. Some sets are made for a light grab and if you wanted to get deep into the skin, pulling it into the cup well this is the set to get!
Especially if you are looking for an affordable cupping set, well look no further! The quality of the product is excellent, nothing that will break easily if used properly and the suction is out of this world tight! I love how it makes you feel after use on any area that you feel pain. It is a huge helper!

All you need to do to use the product is attach the cup of choice. Each of them is very well made and secure a tight hold from the tube holding over the cup and the rim that touches the body. Next, with the vacuum gun you pump it till it's holding as tight as you like and just let it sit. You can easily relieve the valve for the air to flow out and remove the cup once you are complete.
Finally, this is just like the traditional glass technique and fire, but  you don't have to worry about that at all. Plus, if you are inexperienced and using fire with a glass may be more dangerous than helpful. So this is a wonderful set, very easy to use and such a great help for the body to feel it's best once again!

Product Information:
  • SAFE and EFFECTIVE - No need to use fire, no breakable glasses, equally effective Chinese Cupping Therapy. 
  • DURABLE - Impact Resistance AS plastic cups, of 6 Different sizes.
  • EASY TO USE - Large suction gun & extension hose makes it easy to apply cupping by yourself.
  • EASY TO STORE - Easy to assemble and to store all parts in the foam box.
  • SELF-THERAPY - Detailed English instruction manual included.
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