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StorageAid OfficeMate Desk Organizer / Caddy

The StorageAid OfficeMate Desk Organizer is a terrific way to keep one's desk or table top organized! I never need to worry about my items being spread all over, making my desk look like a mess. Instead, I have a full view of everything and know where to find them. Nothing is missing, I'm able to find it quicker and it just looks so much nicer!

The StorageAid OfficeMate is meshed design, which allows you to see all the way down to the bottom of the caddy. Leaving you with no forgetting any little or few itty bitty items that might have been placed on the bottom. You also have several sections. This is a wonderful way to keep specific items together, which could be small or large. 
I'm able to place my pens, pencils in their own section, have my stapler and staple remover placed on the outer edge, and of course, many other terrific tools or items that I have on my desk can be all placed inside this perfectly designed caddy! I finally want to point out, that the best addition to the 9 compartments, is the extra drawer. I can easily hide my clips or erasers or cords inside and when I need them, just pull the door out and here they come! This is truly an excellent product and very well designed! It just looks great on any desk in it's black, durable, oval and meshed design.

Product Information:
  • The OfficeMate Caddy allows you to see inside each compartment in this on desk caddy, effectively finding even the smallest things, fast and easy. STABILITY- Desktop organizer is Built of metal steel
  • The OfficeMate Caddy will stand 100% stable on your desk. The steel also makes this organizer unbreakable, ensuring it will serve you for many years to come
  • The OfficeMate Caddy is clean as it is Equipped with Padded feet that adds stability to the pen and pencil holder, and eliminates any risk of scratching the office|working table!
  • The OfficeMate Caddy Never get stuck in the middle of an important telephone without a note! The large caddy drawer keeps all the little notes or memos in one place, allowing your Memos to be available to you when needed at the office
  • The OfficeMate Caddy is the perfect gift for that Business person in your life
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