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StorageAid ClosetMate Motorized Tie Rack

The StorageAid ClosetMate Motorized Tie Rack is a wonderful and a perfect design for all ties! This one is for those who have too many ties, not a bad thing but can be difficult when you need to find one or have them neatly organized. Plus, you get a free nylon travel tie case with your purchse, something that many brands won't give you. 

However, if you are like me, then you'll want to keep your closets organized, especially clothing and ties! So if you're a guy and you love ties, especially over 10+ then you should definitely own something like this! Not only does it keep the ties in order, avoiding wrinkles, but it also allows you more room in the closet, without the having them placed all over! Just like a woman with scarves, having a tie rack like the StorageAid ClosetMate Tie Rack.
Since it is also motorized, you can easily have it move the tie to you, no more poking your head into the closet and searching for the right one! It's all there in front with an easy motorized tie rack. Plus, with a LED light, you can easily find and see the tie that is in front of you every time!
No more guessing which one to choose or pulling it off the rack to find out it's not the one you want. 
Finally, I love the way it saves room, how easy it is to apply on any closet pole, with the main piece going over it, and it's simple to press a button and have the light or ties move to you. This is something more upper level designed product, that will keep you home and ties organized, tidy and well kept.
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Product Information:
  • Pick the Tie you like in seconds with our Automatic tie rack that spins forwards and backwards, letting the ties slowly pass by, Built-in white LED light automatically turns on when pressed to rotate & off 10 seconds after rotation stops
  • Ease of use, just touch the power button to turn on the tie rack’s quiet, yet powerful motorized mechanism. Then, push the forward or backward button
  • The ClosetMate Motorized Tie Rack is easy to install, Tie rack fits standard closet rails and is compact to minimize the space it takes up in the closet, Measures: 18” L x 8” W x 4” H, Uses 4 ‘C’ batteries (not included)
  • ClosetMate Motorized Tie Rack has room for 72 ties plus lower hooks for belts and other accessories
  • ClosetMate Motorized Tie Rack features smooth arms that won't snag or damage ties! No clips means no creases and wrinkles

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