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StorageAid ClosetMate Beautiful Acrylic Shelf Dividers

The StorageAid ClosetMate Beautiful Acrylic Shelf Dividers are such a wonder to own! They not only keep my books and magazines or documents in order, but they go easily on any 12inch long shelf. So if I want to place them on a wooden maple color shelf or a white and black shelf, it would work perfectly! Plus, with the thickness, it's not easy to break, but they aren't even that heavy to hold! Plus, the height is enough to keep you piling up all your clothing or books and not have to worry about it overflowing to the other section. 
I honestly love the way they designed these! It's super simple to attach to a long 12inch shelf and gives you a height of 8inches, so you can put these on a shelf that is taller as well! Also, the StorageAid ClosetMate Acrylic Shelf Dividers don't stick out or off the shelf, you get full coverage from the beginning to the end, without any gaps or spaces. Finally, for an easy way to store books, clothing, and everything else, these will make the selves look organized and not too busy with a design that doesn't match or go with your already bought storage shelves.
Product Information:

  • Great for organizing sweaters, towels, purses and much more!
  • Easily organize shelves that are messy or cluttered by keeping items vertically in place
  • Simple, no tool installation! Just slips right on to your shelf!
  • Each divider is 8 inches high, 12 inches long & fits on shelves up to .75 inches thick
  • Includes 2 ClosetMate Acrylic Shelf Dividers

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