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StorageAid CarMate BackSeat or Trunk Organizer

The StorageAid CarMate BackSeat or Trunk Organizer can be such a wonderful way to stay tidy in the car! No more reason to have things floating all over, banging into each other or vanishing someplace where you have no idea where to find them. This organizer really helps keep everything form baby items, travel goods, food, outdoor gear, tools and so much more in their rightful place.
You never need to worry about finding them or losing them since the organizer is with a mesh screen, which allows you to view each item inside all the way to the bottom. It may be just enough to keep the many things you use often in the car and need in place, without being a mess in the back seat or trunk. Plus, this design object allows you to attach it to the back seat leaving you space in the trunk or on the seat without it hogging the floor. So you won't need to lose space to organize with the StorageAid Carmate! Finally, this is an excellent product and such a wonderful designed item!

Product Information:
  • Our CarMate Organizer Measures 41.5” x 12” (106cm x 31cm). It’s Designed To Fit Most Vehicles With The Two Top Adjustable Straps For The Headrest Posts, So It Will Be Simple And Easy To Install On The Front Seat For Organizing Your Car, Or On The Back Seat For Organizing Your Trunk.
  • You Can Store Sports Gear, Dog Supplies, Tools, Toys, And Emergency Equipment In The Organizer. It Will Keep The BackSeat Or Trunk Of Your Car Clutter Free. When Not In Use The Organizer Will Fold Flat For Easy Storage.
  • The BackSeat/Trunk Organizer Is Designed To Provide The Most Storage Space Possible. It Has 5 Spacious Pockets, A Roomy Center Mesh Pocket Measuring 23” To Keep Bulky Products
  • 2 Side Mesh Pockets Measuring 9” To Keep Larger Items, And 2 Gusseted Pockets In The Center To Keep Smaller Items.
  • Stronger Stitches then ever before on the market.
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